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Scratching posts are a vital part of sharing your living space with cats. Cats scratch for a variety of reasons: they scratch to groom their claws, the scratching motion helps remove dead sheaths from their front claws (they usually chew them off their back claws). They scratch to mark their territory. Their front paws contain scent glands, and scratching leaves behind their unique signature on the object being scratched. They scratch for exercise; scratching stretches the muscles in the front legs and all along the back. And they scratch simply because it feels good.

When it comes to scratching posts, bigger is usually better. The Scratching Tree from Pet Tree Houses is a beautifully made, solid vertical scratcher. At 36 inches tall, this durable, sturdy tree, made from genuine dragonwood and sisal, should please even the most discerning kitty, and it’s a beautiful addition to any decor.

The story behind Pet Tree Houses

Pet Tree Houses is owned by Joe, a former custom builder of multimillion dollar homes, and his wife Shelley. They designed their first Pet Tree House for their own cats in 2008. They wanted to create an aesthetically pleasing cat tree that would also mimic a realistic outdoor experience for cats. They started their business in their garage, and it quickly grew to the point where Joe and Shelley now have a custom showroom and manufacturing plant in Sanford, Florida.

Their trees range in size from the 36 inch Sprout to the 7 foot tall Mature Tree House. Each tree is hand crafted and takes up to 1,000 individual cuts to build it. The real trees use to make the tree houses are hand selected, as is the cedar that is used for the platforms. We love our Seedling Tree, and it gets used every day.

Allegra and Ruby test the Scratching Tree

Both Allegra and Ruby are vertical scratchers, so I was pretty sure they’d love the Scratching Tree – and I was right. The scratcher is easy to set up: simply take out of the box, place the branches into the pre-drilled holes at the top of the post, and you’re done.

The leaves are beautiful! I’ve had my share of fake plants since I gave up having real plants twenty years ago when Feebee started decimating a ficus tree by methodically chewing off all the leaves, and I’ve learned that not all fake trees are created equal. Some loose their leaves easily, others just simply look awful. Pet Tree Houses foliage looks realistic. They even have an Autumn Foliage option, so your scratcher can change colors with the season!


Within seconds of setting it up, my little Ruby monkey not only scratched, she decided that it made an excellent climbing tree.


Allegra was a little more cautious, but eventually enjoyed scratching both the carpeted base and the sisal post.

These stunning cat trees and scratchers are an investment, but the joy they will bring to your cats and the beauty they will add to your home are well worth the price. For more information and to place an order, please visit

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