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Soul cats come into our lives in all sorts of different ways. Diana Alvear found hers at an animal shelter. Salvatore Valentino Alvear was a special needs kitty: he had a heart murmur and was hyperthyroid. He was quite the social cat, charming both cat and non-cat people. He was Diana’s best friend, and when he passed over, she wanted to create a legacy in his memory, so she wrote Sal Everybody’s Pal: Sal Finds a Forever Home, a beautifully illustrated childrens’ book. From the publisher:

It’s visiting day at the animal shelter and all the kitties are hoping to find loving homes! Their coats are clean and shiny, their whiskers groomed and their eyes are filled with hope. One cat, Sal, has been at the shelter for a long time. Will today be the day he finds a forever home? In the first story of the new series, “Sal, Everybody’s Pal”, kids will fall in love with sweet Sal and his pals Stormy and Lucky, while learning important lessons: that it’s best to adopt pets from shelters, not buy them from stores, and that all animals deserve love, dignity, and respect, no matter their age or health.


You don’t have to be a child to enjoy this book. The charming illustrations, along with the carefully selected captions that guide the reader through Sal’s story, captured my heart from the first page. This book is a treasure for children and adults alike.

Sal Everybody’s Pal: Sal Finds a Forever Home is available for Amazon Kindle. Hardcopies can be ordered directly from the author’s website at

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  1. Ingrid, I can’t thank you enough for reviewing our book and saying such lovely things about it! I know Sal would be proud to be featured on your fabulous site.
    Hugs and purrs!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful book! I just ordered it and can’t wait to read it! I LOVE my collection of kitty books!

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