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RompiCatz makes some of the best cat toys on the market. These toys from the creator of the popular Neko Flies are designed to engage your cat’s natural hunting and prey instinct. Ellen understands the importance of mental stimulation and physical exercise for indoor cats. She has been creating toys that move and act like real prey for many years. Her toys provide endless opportunities to keep cats happy.

RompiCatz’ newest toys feature an adjustable string wand, which I think is a brilliant concept. If you’ve ever tried to drag a wand toy up and down a cat tree or other piece of furniture while trying to make it look like a real “prey,” you know it can be a little awkward. With the adjustable string length, you can easily adjust the toy for different play scenarios, thus keeping things fresh and interesting for your cats.

The wand comes with a bug or crinkle ball attachment, and you can also get a separate mouse attachment. The wand will also work with all the attachments from RompiCatz’s Critter Collector Series. These are some of the most realistic looking bug toys you’ve ever seen, and they also move like real critters! Please note that the Critter Collector attachments will not work with the adjustable wand.


Putting the RompiCatz Adjustable String Wand Toys to the test

Allegra went nuts for these toys! I gave up on trying to get some video, I was starting to get motion sickness trying to capture her playing while waving the wand around!

The crinkle ball is her favorite, especially when I make it whiz through the air and land with a loud crinkle noise.


I absolutely love these toys, and I love the fact that Allegra can’t get enough of them. She gets easily bored with toys, but so far, she gets excited every time I bring them out of the closet.

For more information about RompiCatz toys and to purchase, please visit You can also find RompiCatz on Instagram and Facebook.

RompiCatz toys are also available from Amazon.*

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  1. I did something like that by myself. I just tied a paper bow tie to a string and then to a stick. It served us for a long time and it’s time to change.

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