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We introduced you to Raw Paws Signature Blend last week when we reviewed the turkey formula. This week, Allegra and Ruby tested the chicken formula.

About Raw Paws Pet Food

Raw Paws’ mission is to make it practical, affordable, and accessible for pet parents to provide their furry family members with the healthiest pet food, treats, chews, supplements and more. All of their products are sourced in the US from responsible and ethical farms, and are hormone, antibiotic and GMO free. Their products are minimally processed and don’t contain any additives or fillers.

Raw Paws Signature Blend Complete Chicken for Dogs and Cats, 1 lb. Chub

We received the Raw Paws Signature Blend Complete Chicken for Dogs and Cats in the 1 lb chub size. With a ration of of 80% meat, 10% organ and 10% ground in bone, this formula, like all of Raw Paws’ formulas, does not contain any veggies. The meat is sourced from free-range chickens, raised on a family farm in Indiana, and is free from antibiotics, fillers, additives and preservatives.


This blend, even though labeled for both cats and dogs, contains appropriate levels of naturally occurring taurine for cats, who have higher taurine requirements than dogs.

The 1 pound chubs make portioning simple. For us, 8 ounces feeds both Allegra and Ruby in two meals a day, which makes for easy portioning.

Putting Raw Paws Pet Food to the Test

The 1 pound chubs arrived inside a well insulated container on dry ice, and were frozen solid on arrival.

Raw Paws ground chicken does have bone ground in, but I did not see any visible fragments (something that has been an issue for me with some other brands in the past.) I like that the food contains no veggies or other fillers.

Allegra and Ruby both liked the food. Actually, Allegra loved this formula – she practically inhaled her meal. Ruby finished almost all of it, but she definitely prefers the turkey formula.

In addition to the 1 pound chubs, Raw Paws also offers 5 pound chubs and 8 ounce patties.

Raw Paws Pet Food ships nationwide with free shipping on orders over $49 for non-frozen items, and orders over $199 for frozen items.

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