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Cats are obligate carnivores, which means they need meat in their diet to thrive. Their systems simply aren’t designed to digest carbohydrates. A raw diet is one of the best ways to fulfill cats’ nutritional requirements. There are numerous benefits from feeding a raw diet to your cat, including improved digestion, reduced stool odor and volume, increased energy, ability to maintain ideal weight, better dental health, and better urinary tract health.

Embraced for decades by holistically oriented pet parents and holistic veterinarians, raw feeding is becoming more mainstream as pet parents look for alternatives to feeding highly processed commercial pet foods.

Raw Paws Pet Food

The folks at Raw Paws believe, and I agree with them, that the best chance of having a happy pet is through the best quality nutrition. They offer frozen raw food, freeze-dried raw food, as well as a line of treats and supplements. All of their products are sourced in the US from responsible and ethical farms, and are hormone, antibiotic and GMO free. Their products are minimally processed and don’t contain any additives or fillers.


Putting Raw Paws Pet Food to the test

We got to test the frozen raw ground chicken. The 5lb tube arrived in a well packed container with plenty of ice packs, and was frozen so solid, it actually hurt my hands removing it from the box, even though the package had been sitting in front of my house in 80 degree weather for a couple of hours.

The tube needs to be thawed for 24-48 hours in the refrigerator. Once it’s partially thawed, you can slice it into manageable portions and refreeze whatever you’re not going to use within the next 3-4 days.

Allegra loved the food. Ruby wasn’t quite as enthusiastic, but she is not a huge chicken fan and tends to prefer turkey.

Raw Paws ground chicken does have bone ground in, but I did not see any visible fragments (something that has been an issue for me with some other brands in the past.) I like that the food contains (in addition to the ground in bone) nothing but chicken, chicken heart, chicken liver, herring oil and natural vitamin E. There are no veggies or other fillers added.

I found the 5 lb. tube a bit cumbersome to deal with. Allegra and Ruby eat about 8 ounces of raw a day, and I also occasionally feed canned food, so having to thaw out the tube, then measure out smaller portions and refreezing, was more work than I want to deal with. Raw Paws Pet Food offers 8 ounce patties, which will be much more convenient for us, but the 5 lb. tube is a better value, so it just depends on what works best for your household.

Raw Paws Pet Food ships nationwide with free shipping on orders over $49 for non-frozen items, and orders over $199 for frozen items.

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  1. Ingrid, this month I ordered a bag of Northwest Naturals frozen raw turkey nibbles for cats, and my boys like it. The recipe seems close to Rad Cat, and the nibbles get to room temperature easily in small lidded glass container in a warm water bath. The company uses HPP, but that’s OK because I have a cat on 2.5 mg prednisolone daily due to mast cell disease.

  2. I am one of the many looking for a new food for my cat with Rad Cat shutting down. I am looking at giving this one a try, as I like its ingredient list. However, I am concerned that they do not differentiate between their products for dogs and cats. They have different requirements, so how is it that one product would meet both needs?

      • It is hard finding an alternative to Rad Cat. All three boys loved it. Only one eats Answers detailed turkey, but the grind is inconsistent and I have a lot of waste. Balanced Blends didn’t work; I think the supplements upset their tummies and the grind was too coarse. (My cat who needs to eat raw doesn’t have his bottom molars on both sides.) I am going to try RAWR when the distributor stops rationing it. I’m waiting for a pound to try.

        • I’m with you, Lyn! Right now, I’m still feeding from the Radcat stash I managed to get from my local store right after Radcat had to close, and it’s still the paws down favorite. Three other brands to try that I like, and my girls like them, too: Darwin’s, Smallbatch and Vital Essentials.

          • Ingrid, my boys ate their last Rad Cat on Monday. I had 18 24-ounce tubs of turkey when Rad Cat announced its closure. Two like Raw Paws, and I hope to try Smallbatch soon.

          • Let me know how they like the Smallbatch, Lyn. We still have a couple of weeks worth of Radcat left, but then I’ll be in the same boat as you.

          • Will do, Ingrid. Found some huge bones (at least 1/4″) in a chub of Raw Paws complete turkey. 🙁

            After trying three different raw cat food brands now, I appreciate and miss the consistency of Rad Cat.

    • After trying them and a few others, I ended up going with Balanced Blends. My cat did not like Raw Paws as much, and I had issues with the chubs being punctured/cut as well as being a bit underweight. I had an issue with one shipment from balanced blends (blood all over inside of the box), and they emailed me back after looking in to it, and not only refunded the cost of all of the product I had ordered (without me requesting it) but also are changing the material for the chubs to ensure it does not happen again. Excellent customer service. Even before this, the shipments from them had much fewer issues, and did not have the underweight issues (RawPaws wasn’t massively underweight, but it would always come out about 1-3 ounces short for each pound)

  3. Hi Ingrid,

    We were recently able to review Raw Paws’ Green Tripe as well, and of course the pups went bonkers for it
    What I like about Raw Paws overall is that they offer a lot of specials – last week for example, I was able to order 30 lbs of the Combo Meat Blend (Goat, Lamb, & Beef) for $90.74 + $25 shipping, instead of $120.99 + $25 shipping. This was made possible because of their 25% off special!


  4. Thank you SO much for the review! We like to feed a variety of proteins from a variety of sources. This company (and food) looks like a good one to add to our raw rotation. Thanks again!!

  5. Raw chicken wings, hearts, feet, necks …?? We should be able to just buy these from the butcher’s shop or counter! I used to, along with lamb hearts and kidneys and other fresh meat for my cats. What’s happened in this country that these meats have become so difficult to find?

  6. Why don’t dogs and cats get sick from eating raw chicken or beef? Before I try feeding my pets a raw diet, I’d like to find out how they make this food safe. Any suggestions as to where I can find this information?

    Thank you.

    • Cats are designed to eat and digest raw meat. This article from a feline veterinarian should be helpful in explaining in more detail why raw diets are safe for cats:

      If you have specific questions about this particular brand, please contact Raw Paws Pet Food directly.

  7. Thanks for the informational and link. I am going to do some research and check this out. I have 5 cats and I believe this would be something worthwhile.

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