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Water is critical to keeping your cat healthy, and to spread this important message to pet parents, Petsafe® has declared July Pet Hydration Month. Even though cats get moisture from a raw or canned diet, they should still have plenty of fresh water available at all times. Cats as a species don’t have a high thirst drive, and this can lead to chronic low-level dehydration if a cat is fed mostly dry food, which in turn, can lead to urinary tract and kidney problems.

Proper hydration can help prevent urinary tract disease and promote healthy kidney function by flushing toxins. Fountains are a great way to encourage cats to drink more water.

PetSafe® Drinkwell® Pagoda Pet Fountain

This beautifully designed ceramic fountain provides an upper and lower drinking area, and the dual free-falling streams keep water tasting fresh, which encourages your cat to drink more. Features include:

  • Easy to clean, hygienic ceramic design
  • Dual free-falling streams add oxygen for freshness
  • Upper and lower dishes provide two drinking areas for pets
  • Low-voltage 12V system with submersible pump for safe and quiet operation
  • For indoor use only

Putting the Pagoda fountain to the test


Even though Allegra had her doubts about me being able to put the fountain together, it was super easy – which also means it will be super easy to take it apart to clean. The instructions are easy to follow and everything makes sense (not a given for me when it comes to anything that requires even minor assembly!).

The fountain is very quiet. You can’t hear the pump at all, all you hear is the sound of water flowing. The sound of the water is a bit louder than that of other fountains I’ve tested – think of a faucet open at low flow. If you don’t find the sound of trickling water soothing, this may not be the fountain for you.


We haven’t had a fountain set up for a while, so this was a new experience for the girls, and they were both very cautious about checking it out. After watching from a “safe” distance for a while, they finally each individually approached it. It took a couple of days before I actually saw Allegra drink from it. The fountain has been up for about a week now, and I’ve yet to see Ruby drink from it.

We haven’t had the fountain long enough for it to need cleaning, but given how easy it was to assemble, I know cleaning won’t take much time. I love the look of the fountain and the gorgeous blue color couldn’t be more purrfect for our living room.

The Pagoda fountain is available in blue, red, taupe, and white either directly from the PetSafe website, or from Amazon with free shipping for prime members. For more information about all of PetSafe’s products, please visit their website. You can also find PetSafe on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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