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It has been a while since Allegra had a tunnel, so we were excited to review PetFusion’s new KittyCurve Tunnel.


KittyCurve Tunnel features

  • 62 inches long and 10 inches diameter
  • Two 8 inch holes to provide multiple entry and exit points
  • Mesh sections provide endless opportunities for play
  • Two dangling feather toys on each end
  • Collapsible for easy storage

Allegra started exploring the tunnel as soon as I set it up.

She loved the dangly feathers at the end.

My take on the KittyCurve Tunnel

I love the multiple openings of this tunnel. Tunnels can present a challenge in multicat households. A tunnel that only has two openings can cause problems when cats are ambushed or startled while inside the tunnel.

But what I love most about this tunnel are the mesh sections. They provide endless opportunities for varied play. Allegra loves it when I take a wand toy and run it along the mesh portion while she’s inside the tunnel. She also likes it when I reverse the game and stick the toy inside the tunnel while she’s on the outside. The mesh also allows cats to “stalk” toys from inside the tunnel with a clear view of their “prey.”

The tunnel is lightweight and easy to move, I put it away once we finish our play session and bring it out again the next day. So far, she’s gotten excited every time it comes out.

I love this tunnel so much that I’m giving it our coveted Seal of Approval.

The KittyCurve Tunnel is available from Amazon.

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