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I love well-designed cat products that are both functional and beautiful, and the Pet Fusion Elevated Pet Feeder meets both of those criteria.

The elevated design makes eating more comfortable and can also help improve digestion. Elevated feeders are also a great choice for senior cats with arthritis. They allow the cat to eat standing up, rather than crouching with already painful joints.

This modern feeder is made from anodized aluminum (a type of aluminum that is more corrosion resistant than most grades of stainless steel and that can be infused with color that doesn’t chip.) It includes two stainless steel bowls. The bowls are nice and wide, which helps prevent whisker stress. The feeder has anti-slip feet so it will stay put, and silicone insets prevent the bowls from moving or clanging. The feeder is super easy to clean and maintain.

It comes in charcoal grey, and in the pretty red that we got to test. Since I won’t photograph the girls while they’re eating their meals (they work hard all day long, and they deserve to eat in peace!), I used freeze dried chicken treats for the photo shoot, and the girls didn’t hesitate to use the feeder.


Two thumbs and four paws up for this feeder!

The Pet Fusion feeder is available from Amazon.

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6 Comments on Review: Pet Fusion Elevated Pet Feeder

  1. I love their products. They are made well. We don’t have this feeder but; it really looks nice. We have their wood feeder and the cats prefer the higher up feeder.

  2. This looks absolutely perfect. One of our cats has “sensitive stomach” problems (not too severe) and I was advised some years ago to use some sort of elevation so she would
    be more comfortable feeding and it would also stop her from throwing up so much after she had eaten – and it does work, so anyone with a cat(s) with similar problems would
    benefit from this, and as you state, ideal for “whiska stress” – which is something I’ve never thought about before but makes sense.

    Looks really good in every respect – bet your girls thoroughly enjoyed the extra treats they got for doing the photo session as well!

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