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Of all the product reviews Allegra and Ruby get to participate in, scratchers are probably their most favorite. They both tend to like a variety of scratchers and scratching surfaces, so we have a lot of different ones throughout our house. They couldn’t wait to get to work to test Pet Fusion’s 3 Sided Vertical Scratcher.

This eco-friendly scratcher is made from recycled corrugated cardboard. The unique sloped design is perfect for cats who like vertical scratchers – it adds a little extra interest to the traditional “straight up” vertical models. The scratcher is very sturdy on carpet, and it comes with a pack of silicone floor grippers to prevent movement on hard floors. I love this little extra touch, it’s not something I’ve seen with any other scratcher we’ve reviewed, and it is typical of the level of detail that goes into all of Pet Fusion’s products.


The girls took to the scratcher immediately. For cats who are more reluctant, it is recommended to sprinkle catnip on the scratching sufaces (not included.) Ruby jumped to the very top of the scratcher as soon as I took it out of the plastic wrap. As soon as she jumped off, Allegra tested it by giving it a thorough scratching. Given how long she scratched, I think she approved!

The interior cutout makes this more than just a scratcher. Allegra and Ruby have a lot of fun chasing each other through the opening and stalking each other from behind the scratcher.


The girls and I give this scratcher two thumbs and four paws up!

The Pet Fusion 3-Sided Vertical Scratcher is available from Amazon with free shipping for Prime members.

For more information about the scratcher, and to see Pet Fusion’s other fabulous products, please visit

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5 Comments on Pet Fusion 3 Sided Vertical Scratcher: 2023 Review & Expert’s Opinion

  1. Our mummy bought us a big heavy duty scratcher a few years back and it looks like new…because we hardly use it. We are two big tortoiseshell 7 year old sisters and we prefer scratching the trees and the fence outside, and the carpet stairs indoors. Mummy doesn’t mind us scratching outside but she is getting quite annoyed about the carpet. We love the catnip she sprays on our big scratching post and we rub against it! Old habits are hard to break…

  2. I love their scratchers. They last for a long time. This one looks like a neat one. I have some kitties that would love it.

  3. We love Pet Fusion products here! In fact, we still have – and use – the scratcher from a couple years back that my human won at Blog Paws. I’m glad I inherited it from Sparkle!

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