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Interactive wand or fishing pole type toys help entice your cat to play and satisfy her hunt/prey instinct. They’re also a wonderful way to bond with your cat. With so many wand toys out there, it’s hard to tell which ones are good quality and will actually excite your cat, rather than ending up being relegated to the corner of a closet. The Pet Fit for Life® meet both criteria, and then some.


When the folks at Pet Fit for Life® told me they’d send us a few wands for review, I didn’t expect to get six different wands and two refill packages! As you can see, Allegra was pretty happy about it, too!

About Pet Fit for Life® Wand Toys

These wand toys are fantastic!  They all feature soft foam handles. The wands are made from high quality carbon fiber guaranteed not to break even with rough play. Some wands are extra long and retractable.

Attachments range from feathers to teasers to fish to wiggly worms to snakes – with this variety of attachments, even the most jaded kitty won’t get bored.


The best part: the attachments are super easy to swap out! Unlike other wand toys that feature a safety pin type mechanism, these wands feature a simple clasp. I find the safety pins on other wands hard to open and close, and as a result, I only switch out attachments when they end up becoming so ratty that it’s time for a new one. With these wands, it’s so easy to swap out attachments! No more broken fingernails! I also consider these clasps safer than the safety pin style. While unlikely, it’s still possible for the safety pin mechanism to open if a cat bites down hard enough in just the right spot during play. It’s impossible to open these without opposable thumbs!


Each attachment comes with a bell. I’m not crazy about belled cat toys, but just like the attachments, the bells are easy to remove.

Putting Pet Fit for Life® Wand Toys to the test

cat -wand-toys

After being so excited about the construction and quality of these toys, I really hoped that Allegra and Ruby would love them, too! And boy, do they love them.

You’ll have to forgive the poor quality of the videos, my hand eye coordination isn’t good enough to play with a wand toy in one hand and get decent video with the other – and honestly, it was more important to me that the girls had so much fun with the toys than to go for the perfect shot.

Ruby got super crazy chasing after these toys, I simply could not get any video of her that wasn’t a complete blur!

These toys are some of the best wand toys I’ve seen. I love the quality of the toys, and I love the amazing variety of easy to change out attachments.


Wand toys are designed for interactive play and should not be left out without supervision.

Pet Fit for Life® wands are available from Amazon with free shipping for Prime members.

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Coming next week:
We’re giving away Pet Fit for Life® wand toys
for you and your favorite rescue!

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  1. I work for Sun City 4 Paws Cat Rescue and the cats and kittens at the Rescue would love these toys and would love for them to get these toys. I am sure my Furkids would love them too!!

  2. Our rescue cats absolutely LOVE Pet Fit for Life® toys ! Two older kittens were trying to take them from me before I had a chance to put the wants together. They had a blast playing with the feathers, fish and snakes then kept trying to find them when I put the wands away. Our fat lazy cat even wanted to play, finally something to get her moving!

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