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We’ve long been fans of Weruva and consider it one of the best wet foods on the market. Allegra and Ruby eat primarily raw, but they do get the occasional canned meal, and Weruva has always been at the top of their favorites list. We were excited to try Weruva’s new paté style formulas.

If you’re familiar with Weruva, you already know that their regular formulas are shredded – something that may not be to every cat’s liking. Now, even cats who prefer paté style food can enjoy Weruva.

Why I like Weruva

The first thing I like about Weruva is that they don’t even make any dry food. I also like that you can actually recognize the ingredients in their canned formulas.

Few diets have as high a moisture content as Weruva. It is important to note that Weruva does not add excess water. Their formulas are naturally high in moisture because they remove the dry bone from the meat cuts. They do  not add in any fillers, and they use fleshy cuts of meat, which are higher in moisture.

Because of the high moisture content and the quality protein, Weruva diets can be a great choice for cats with urinary tract problems, including kidney disease. There is still a lot of  misinformation regarding protein restriction for cats with kidney disease. There is no conclusive evidence that it prevents further damage to the kidneys. Cats with kidney problems should, however, be fed a diet that is low in phosphorus. Because Weruva removes most of the bone from their formulas, phosphorus  levels tend to be lower than many other brands.

New Weruva paté formulas

Weruva waited a long time to introduce these formulas, because they wanted them to be perfect. They look a little different from other patés: they’re more like a smoothie than a mush. They contain the same quality ingredients as their shredded formulas, except they are genty puréed. They come in cans and the new Slide ‘N Serve pouches, and are available in chicken only, fish only and mixed protein options.


Since I don’t recommend fish except as an occasional treat, we requested the Press Your Lunch chicken dinner in a can and the Jeopurrdy Licious chicken breast dinner in the new Slide ‘N Serve pouch. (Can you imagine how much fun the meetings when Weruva picks the names for their formulas must be?)

Putting the paté formulas to the test

The girls are usually pretty excited when I get their meals ready, but the usual chirp-and-dance-around-my-legs factor was ratcheted up a  notch when I opened these foods. The Slide ‘N Serve pouches do just what the name suggests: you tear open the pouch, and the food slides out onto the plate.


You’d think the girls hadn’t had a meal in days, the way they inhaled both the canned and pouch meals. Clean plates all around!


We’re definitely going to add these paté formulas to our regular rotation.

Something you want to be aware of with any of Weruva’s diets is that they’re lower in calories than many other canned diets. It’s what makes them a great choice for cats who need to lose weight or have trouble maintaining their weight. For a cat at a healthy weight or one who’s underweight, you may have to feed larger amounts to make up for the lower calories, as compared to other brands. However, chances are, your kitties won’t be complaining about that!

For more information, please visit Weruva’s website.

The Weruva paté formulas are available from Amazon, and at many brick and mortar retailers.

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10 Comments on Review: New Weruva Patés

  1. Ingrid, my house cat and the Feral family that lives in my backyard love the BFF Pate but really did not like the Slide n Serve that comes in pouches as well.

    • Carb and protein content varies depending on the formula, this chart has all the information:

  2. Thanks for the review! I didn’t know the pate had come out. I’ve never had a cat who liked shreds. I think they’re for people, who think they look more like “real” meat. I think the food is just put thru a machine to produce the look. My cats eat pate, and I will be looking for it, and asking for it if I don’t find it in the store where I shop.

  3. Just purchased two of the Jeopurrdy Licious cases from Amazon. But I noticed that the “Press Your Lunch” pate doesn’t seem to be available on Amazon or Chewy. Do you know when it might be added there, as I’d love to try it. And thanks for the tip on the new foods. Always eager to find something else that the “kids” will love.

    • I’m not sure, Will. If you have a local pet store that carries Weruva, they can probably order it for you.

    • I checked with Weruva, they said the complete line is currently available at Petco stores and It will be available at Chewy and Amazon in the fall.

      • Thanks Ingrid. By the way, my order of Jeopurrdy Licious just arrived, and I tried a pouch on Anya and Oscar. They gobbled it up faster than any of their other foods. This looks like a real winner at our house. Thanks, as always, for finding an recommending great things for our cats!

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