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From Yasmine Surovec, the creator of Cat Versus Human, comes a new book, My Pet Human*. Aimed at children ages 6 through 10, the book tells the story of Oliver, and independent cat who has the run of his neighborhood and pities his animal friends who share their lives with humans. But when a young girl moves into town, he decides to take this opportunity to train a human.

As Oliver helps the girls adjust to her new home, he realizes that perhaps, he needs her just as much as she needs him.


I’ve long been a fan of Yasmine Surovec’s cartoons. She has a unique way of capturing cats and their varying personalities and the humans who serve them. Her whimsical drawings always make me smile or nod my head in recognition.

This is a sweet little book and a wonderful way to introduce young children to the joy of sharing life with a special cat.

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  1. While all of us who are owned by cats know that they are manipulative, I don’t quite like the idea of a children’s book that teaches children to be that way. im judging from the sections shown. If this is considered a “good” book for kids, then it is no wonder that kids think they should get whatever they want.

  2. sounds darling!!! We love Yasmine and reviewed one of her other books a few months ago but haven’t read this one yet. Everything she does is “spot on” for cat lovers! Her children’s books are just precious!

  3. Powerful message in this book. I really like that it focus that sometimes we are not only saving them but they are saving us and we have so much to thank them as well. That’s why we we are working to make impact on thousands of homeless pets (they could be the next “Oliver”). But it does take patience and persistence.

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