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We all know looking at cat pictures makes any day better. Moodycards has taken this universal truth to a new level by creating cards that pair beautiful cat pictures with funny captions sure to brighten anyone’s day. These cards let you announce your mood to your customers or visitors without having to say a single word.


The cards come on a nice looking sturdy easel, allowing you to easily flip to the card that best reflects your mood. With 20 cards, you’re sure to find one that matches exactly what your mood is at any given moment.

These cards will not only brighten your own desk or office, but make great gifts for office parties, your clients, and even your boss. And they don’t just offer cat cards, they also have dog cards, motivational cards, “care cards” with supportive and loving messages, and you can even get custom cards made.


I love these little cards and can already think of at least 10 people who would adore these. I think Moodycards are a must for the well-appointed desk of office!

Every time I come back to my desk after taking a quick break, I find this Moodycard in front of my monitor. Allegra and Ruby are not talking….

For more information, visit Moodycards are available from Amazon with free shipping for Prime members.

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