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I’m not a huge fan of reading Fantasy, nor do I generally read middle grade novels. I read and reviewed Chermpf, the first book in The Cats of Nova series, because the author’s wife had pitched it to me in such a lovely email, I just couldn’t say know. And I ended up loving the book. Meepcha and the Lost 100 continues the story of Gracie Fisher, her feline guardian Roscoe and their companions Dondo, Bear and Mimyat.

From the publisher:

Soot, ash and cinders the fire burns brightly but something always remains behind. An ancient and formless evil was released during the battle in Nova City, an evil that has found its way to earth. One hundred of the mysterious automata, the Ergasi, are missing as well. Without their care Nova City will be doomed to drift in space forever. Now it is up to young Gracie Fisher, her feline guardian Roscoe and their companions Dondo, Bear and Mimyat to set things right, and to somehow reunite Mimyat with her long-lost twin sister Meepcha along the way.

I enjoyed the story, but what I loved most about this book, and the first one, was the writing. William Russell is a master storyteller. His writing is so descriptive that at times I felt like I actually heard the cats (and humans) talking, and that I could smell what they’re smelling. The writing pulled me into the story from the very beginning. The characters, both human and feline, are wonderful.

There are a lot of different layers to this book. There is, of course, the story and the adventure. It also contains valuable lessons for children. For adult readers, there are metaphysical aspects to the story, which I found particularly appealing. The book can be read as a stand-alone story, but why not treat yourself to both volumes?

Fans of Philip Pullman’s fantasy adventure The Golden Compass and of Erin Hunter’s Warriors series will love this book, but even if this is not your usual genre, give this series a try. You may never look at your cats in quite the same way, because you’ll find yourself wondering whether perhaps they know more about the workings of the universe than you’d think.

Meepcha and the Lost 100 is available from Amazon.

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