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I love when publishers or authors send me children’s books. I wouldn’t think to look at them in a bookstore, but I’m finding that for a few minutes, they bring back a sense of fun and a lightness of being that tends to be in short supply in our “serious” adult lives.

Luis and Tabitha is a story of two star-crossed kitties.

From the publisher:

Luis is an alley cat who has everything figured out. . .until he meets Tabitha, a beautiful indoor cat. Separated by a tragic glass door, Luis will do anything to be with Tabitha — even brave the dangers of a fire.


The illustrations and the story are equally adorable. Aimed at ages Kindergarten through 3 years, this charming book will delight children and the adults who are sharing the book with their youngsters.


Luis and Tabitha is available from Amazon.

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Illustrations by Hollie Mengert, images used with permission

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