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Longevity Raw Pet Food is created by Dr. Buchoff, a holistic veterinarian in Little Falls, NJ. After more than three decades of practicing both conventional and holistic medicine, Dr. B formulated Longevity to help support the immune systems of his patients.

Complete and balanced with quality ingredients

Longevity Raw Pet Food is a complete and balanced diet that uses ingredients with high nutritional integrity. It includes superfoods such as green tripe, lycopene, and mushrooms.

What I found particularly interesting is that Dr. B utilizes his knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to provide veterinarian-formulated foods that are cooling, warming, and neutral to nurture wellness and balance.

Under the principles of TCM, the body has both “yin” (cooling, quiet, passive) energy and “yang” (heat, inflammation, aggressive) energy. Any imbalance in the yin/yang forces is an indication of non-optimal health. Too much yang energy may be present in pets with food allergies and intolerances, who seek cool places, pant heavily, and are very restless. Pets with poor appetites, weakness, fatigue, and incontinence may have poor yin energy. Feeding cooling or neutral formulas can benefit a pet with too much yang. Feeding warming formulas can  help pets with too much yin energy. Please note that these are general guidelines only. I recommend working with a veterinarian trained in TCM to determine whether your cat should receive cooling or warming formulas. Healthy cats should enjoy a variety of different protein options.

Dr. B with a client

Longevity Raw Food for Cats

Longevity comes in chicken, turkey and duck formulas. These are not single protein formulas, all formulas contain beef green trip and beef liver, mackerel, and bonito flakes.

The recipes are 93-94% meat and organ meat, the remaining 6-7% are made up of fruit and veggies as a natural source of vitamins. There are no visible chunks of vegetables in the formulas.

Wild-caught Atlantic mackerel, which has one of the lowest levels of mercury of any seafood (according to the FDA) is added as a source of omega-3. Dr. B wants to include fish oil in all of his foods for the health benefits. Since the freezing process generally denatures the oil, including mackerel adds the benefits of fish oils without loss of nutrients. Dried bonito flakes are added as a flavor enhancer.

All ingredients are sourced very locally in the Northeastern United States, generally from family farms within 30 miles of their manufacturing location.The only exception is the bone meal, which is sourced from New Zealand because it is the only source for this ingredient with clinical evidence of low heavy metal contamination.

All cat formulas come in convenient bags of sliders, so feeding is as simple as thaw and serve.


Putting Longevity to the test

Of course, the true test of any food is whether your cat will eat it. Allegra and Ruby didn’t hesitate to dive into all of these formulas, so palatability must be excellent. The girls are not fussy eaters, but they tend to be a little cautious whenever I introduce something new. This was not the case with this brand. Ruby showed a strong preference for duck, Allegra seemed to prefer turkey, but they both finished their meals with all of the formulas.

For more information about Longevity Raw Pet Food please visit their website.

FTC Disclosure: We received this product from Longevity. We also received a fee for featuring this product. Receiving the complimentary product and the fee did not influence our review. All reviews on The Conscious Cat will always reflect my honest opinion, or, as the case may be, Allegra and Ruby’s honest opinion.

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