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When Dawn White first saw the photo of a sick, pathetic-looking tabby on Facebook, she was looking for a companion for her then almost three-year-old black and white Lexy. At the time, Lola was being cared for at Manhattan Cat Specialists after being rescued from a kill shelter. As happens to so many of us, there was something in Lola’s eyes that drew Dawn in. She visited Lola at the veterinary clinic, and it was, as she writes in Lola: Diary of a Rescue Cat, “the second best decision I ever made,” the first being, of course, adopting Lexy eight months earlier.

The book chronicles Lola’s story, in her own words, from being abandoned in a dumpster in Harlem on a cold winter night to her time in a shelter, the veterinary hospital, and her forever home with Dawn.

I was familiar with Lola’s story and had met Dawn on a trip to New York City last December. Hearing the story told from Lola’s purrspective made it even more poignant. This is a universal story that will resonate with anyone who has ever opened their heart and home to a rescue cat.  After some initial challenges, Lola settles into Dawn’s household and even though Lexy is not all that thrilled with the new family member at first, Lola’s indomitable spirit wins her over eventually.

The book is divided into two parts. The first half features Lola’s diary, the second half is a collection of heartwarming stories about other rescued cats submitted by friends of Lola. This section also includes Lexy’s story.


It’s impossible to not love this high spirited, joyful little cat. Lola’s story is a testament to how cats live in the moment. She appreciates everything about her new life, and never looks back to the dark days in her past. True to her generous spirit, Lola is paying her good fortune forward: she has a very active Facebook page where she promotes animal rescue.

This charming book will delight anyone who has ever loved a rescued cat. Interspersed with plenty of photos of Lola and Lexy, Lola’s engaging voice will capture your heart.

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Photo of Lola via her Facebook page

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  1. I really love stories told from a kitty’s point of view, and this one sounds great! I’m definitely putting it on my “to read” list.

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