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Urine odors aren’t much of a problem for us. I scoop the box pretty much right after Allegra uses it, and she’s never once missed the box. I was still interested when Live Odor Free!® approached me about featuring their products, because I’m always looking for safe, non-toxic and fragrance-free household cleaners to share with you. Live Odor Free!® checks all those boxes.

About Live Odor Free!®

This patented Noble Ion® Odor Technology technology eliminates odors at their source without the use of enzymes, fragrance or detergents. The liquid odor eliminator is organic, natural, non-GMO, FDA food grade, FDA GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe), and considered green.

They offer a number of different products, of  most interest to cat parents will be the cat urine and cat litter odor eliminators.

White thai moon diamond cat in litter box
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Putting Live Odor Free!® to the test

Since we don’t have litter box odor issues, I didn’t test the cat litter product directly on the litter box, but instead, sprayed a freshly removed clump with it. I was impressed – the odor vanished almost immediately.

The litter spray can also be used to clear odors in the room around the litter box. The directions say to spray it high into the air. It comes out as a very fine mist. I actually tested this with cooking odors and even though the product is not designed for this use, it worked like a charm.

I like the fact that this product is fragrance-free – something that’s important to me because I don’t like scented products, but more importantly, because I don’t recommend using scented products around cats. Their sense of smell is so much more developed than ours, and I can’t even imagine how awful scented cleaning products must smell to them.

For more information and to purchase, visit Live Odor Free!®’s website.

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  1. I have 2 litter boxes for Tasha and use the World’s Best Cat Litter for multiple cats, and scoop the box 2x a day. I have never had a litter odor problem.

  2. I agree with you regarding scents. There are ads for litter with a fragrance. Cats don’t like perfumes, I am concerned that cats that refuse using that type of litter may end up at a shelter.

  3. These products sound good. I would be interested in the cat litter odor eliminator. I also have a cat that has been sleeping in my atrium lately, so I might need the urine eliminator. Although I don’t smell anything out there, I wonder if it would work outside is he/she does use the bathroom or spray out there.

      • If she continues to stick around, I will try it if I start to smell anything. She’s been sleeping next to the back door the last three nights. I made her a little house (from an old ice chest) and got a self heating pad to go inside, but she still won’t go in it. She insists on sleeping on the step by the door. I guess she just feels safe sleeping in our atrium where no predators can get to her.

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