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At first glance, the Lil Paws cat carrier looks like any other soft-sided carrier. That’s until you start looking at all the clever design features and you realize  just how much thought went into this carrier by someone who clearly knows and understands cats.

Lil Paws 5-in-1 carrier features

  • Sturdy and balanced for optimal comfort
  • Mesh closures on the top and front, and mesh windows on the sides. Mesh windows can be covered for extra privacy or for cats who don’t like to look out of the carrier while being transported.
  • Removable soft pads with an adorable paw print pattern
  • Easy to clean, either hand wash or wipe off or machine wash
  • Anti-anxiety cover: this is a feature I haven’t seen with any other carriers. It can simply be pulled over the top of the carrier to keep stressed out kitties calm.
  • Converts to a backpack
  • Measures 11x11x17 inches
  • TSA approved
  • Comes with a covered silicone travel bowl

My take on the Lil Paws carrier

This is an extremely well made carrier, and the creator clearly put a lot of thought into it.

I was particularly intrigued with the “anti-anxiety” cover, my only issue with it was that it’s made from plastic, which inevitably makes a crinkly noise when manipulated. My concern with that would be that an already stressed out or anxious cat would be spooked by the sound, especially if a cat tends to be sound sensitive to begin with. My recommendation to the manufacturer was to replace it with a soft cloth material.

The carrier has multiple storage pockets on the outside, which is great for storing copies of medical records or any supplies needed when traveling.

The option to convert the carrier to a backpack may appeal to some cat parents. I want to be able to see my cat when she’s in a carrier, so carrying her on my back would not be something I’d be interested in, but I could see where this could be a nice feature for any outings that require extended walking.


Putting the Lil Paws carrier to the test

Allegra loves this carrier! She crawled in as soon as I had it set up, turned around once, and settled in. I had not planned on leaving out after photographing her for this review, but since she clearly loves it, it’s going to stay out for a while.

The Lil Paws carrier is available from Amazon or from

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  1. Love this carrier. Would love to get this for my cat. My Daisy Mae had her roof of her last carrier fall in on her. Still looking for another one.

    • Hi Crystal, this is founder of lilpaws. Thank you so much! And sorry to hear about the last carrier. We have made sure that it is absolutely safe for the Cats, specially in the car! Currently there are huge discount available on Amazon until Oct 31st so do check it out! You can always return if you dont like 🙂

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