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Have you ever wished you could sit down with your favorite cat expert and have an in-depth conversation about how to better understand and care for your cats? Let’s Talk About Cats is the next best thing.

Featuring 16 in-depth conversations with cat experts devoted to improving the lives of cats such as Jackson Galaxy, Kate Benjamin, Dr. Jennifer Conrad, and Samantha Martin, this book offers fascinating insights into feline behavior. Topics include:

  • How to bond with your cat
  • Do cats absorb human energy?
  • How similar is my cat’s behavior to a wild cat’s?
  • Interpreting cat language
  • Do cats grieve?
  • Mindfulness and cats and so much more.

The book also includes case studies and real life advice from the author. Anita Kelsey is London’s only accredited cat behaviorist (BA Hons, MCFBA, CIDBT) after studying feline psychology and behavior with renowned cat expert and biologist Roger Tabor and achieving a first class honours degree at Middlesex University based on her work practice.

The well-organized layout of this book makes the wealth of information featured easily accessible. I would recommend this book for both new and experienced cat parents.

Let’s Talk About Cats is available from Amazon.

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