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What kitty doesn’t love a good kick stick? The Leopard Kick Stick with Tassles from Space Kitty Express is the kick stick to end all kick sticks. Sized at a generious 18 inches long, it features a velcro closure at one end so you can keep refilling it.


Choose the filling your cat likes best

The best part: you can choose what herb or herb blend you’d like it filled with. Available choices are

  • organic catnip
  • silver vine
  • tartarian honeysuckle
  • valerian/lemongrass
  • complete herb blend
  • catnip alternatives blend

We got the silver vine stick, and Allegra went nuts as soon as I brought the box it came in into the house. She thinks it should be named the Leopard Stick Shaker.

Ruby loves that the Leopard Kick Stick is almost as long as she is.

For more information about the Leopard Kick Stick and Space Kitty Express’ other fantastic toys, the SpaceKitty Express Etsy shop to purchase.


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    • I couldn’t tolerate the smell of Valerian. Space Kitty Express blends theirs with Lemongrass, so that may change how it smells, but I wasn’t willing to give that a try! 🙂

      • I cna’t handle the smell of valerian either. I remember one time getting some toys with it in them and I actually had to put them in a different room for the kids to play with because I couldn’t handle having them near me. The scent did finally calm down after a few days and wasn’t near as strong.

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