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I don’t often review children’s books, but the KeeKee’s Big Adventures series by Shannon Jones is so adorable, I wanted to share it with you. KeeKee is a calico cat who travels the world in a hot air balloon. Her previous stops included Paris, Amsterdam and Rome.

KeeKee’s Big Adventures in London, England is the 5th installment in this award winning series.


From the publisher:

Join KeeKee, the globe-trotting calico kitty, on her latest brilliant adventures in London. Along with her friend Willamb Sheepspeare, she’ll whisk readers through the majesty of England’s capital city—from Big Ben to Buckingham Palace to a proper English tea. (Pass the scones, please!)

Explorers big and small will have a jolly good time trying out fun British expressions, peeking into royal culture, and navigating London’s beautiful streets on a double-decker bus.

In the back of this brightly illustrated book, you’ll find a kid-friendly guide map of London, a glossary of British terms, and more details on KeeKee’s favorite places.


Illustrated by Casey Uhelski, this adorable book is aimed at children 4 to 7 years old. As with the previous volumes, this book combines a playful story with language, geography, food, and tradition. This charming book is a wonderful way to introduce young children to other countries and cultures.

KeeKee’s Big Adventures in London, England is available from Amazon.

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5 Comments on KeeKee’s Big Adventures in London, England (2023 Review)

  1. Once again Shannon Jones has come through with a superb book that remembers KeeKee’s experience for another nation and this time it is London, England. A book that acquaints London with the peruser in a comfortable manner with certain visits to some unmistakable London destinations and conventions.

  2. KeeKee looks like a fun loving gal cat who knows how to have fun and visit those amazing places to have fun in. I wish that I was along with her during her travels!

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