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I don’t often review children’s books, but the KeeKee’s Big Adventures series by Shannon Jones is so adorable, I wanted to share it with you. KeeKee is a calico cat who travels the world in a hot air balloon. Her previous stops included Paris and Rome.

From the publisher:

In KeeKee’s Big Adventure in Athens, Greece, KeeKee lands for another exciting adventure. Join KeeKee as she explores one of the oldest cities in the world. Children and adults will delight in discovering what makes Athens a must-visit destination, from its history and culture to food and hospitality. KeeKee’s latest adventure includes a kid-friendly pronunciation guide and glossary at the back of the book along with a charmingly illustrated map of Athens. Entertaining and educational, KeeKee’s adventures will spark curiosity and inspire appreciation for our great big wonderful world!


Illustrated by Casey Uhelski, this whimsical little book is for children 4 to 7 years old. The book combines a playful story with culture, language, geography, food, and tradition. I was thoroughly charmed by the book. The drawings, inspired by the real KeeKee, are delightful.


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Shannon Jones’ love of travel began at a young age. It opened her eyes and ears to the world. As a grownup, living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, with her husband Paul and kitty KeeKee, the idea for KeeKee s Big Adventures was born. After twenty years in the marketing field, Shannon is launched on her new adventures, following her passion for writing and excited to be helping kids in their quest for learning and discovery. She now lives in Alexandria, Virginia, with Paul, KeeKee, and little-sister kitty Luna.

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