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KATRIS is excited to announce the newest offering in its modular cat furniture line: The KATRIS Nest. This multi-functional lounge is designed to have cats scratch, rest, lounge and even get a little massage in the process.

I’ve long been a fan of KATRIS. KATRIS is a system of cardboard shapes that you can arrange in endless configurations. We reviewed the original Katris system five years ago, and we reviewed KATRIS Lynks, two pieces that can function as standalone scratchers or be added to the existing blocks or furniture, three years ago. They’ve all held up extremely well. Allegra and Ruby were excited to review the KATRIS Nest.


KATRIS Nest features

Generously sized with a 19 inch diameter and a height of 4.3 inches, the Nest is made from the same premium corrugated material as all KATRIS products. The replaceable high density scratch pad is going to last without a lot of shedding. The unique bowl design is breathable, making it an ideal lounge for warmer weather.


My favorite feature is the removable felt pad: you can use it to cover the scratcher and turn the Nest into a bed, or you can leave the scratcher exposed. Let your kitties tell you what they prefer, or mix it up to keep things interesting.

The Nest ships both assembled and un-assembled.

This kitty demonstrates how to use the Nest to get a nice full body massage:

Putting the Nest to the test

The video below was taken a few seconds after I put the Nest on the floor. As you can see, Allegra instantly approved! She loves using the scratch pad.

Once Ruby got a chance to check it out, she decided that it made a purrfect nap spot.


So far the girls have taken turns with the Nest, but as is the case with cat beds in our house, if Ruby decides she wants to be in it, Allegra doesn’t stand a chance. You can probably tell where this is going…

We love the KATRIS Nest so much that we’re awarding it our coveted Seal of Approval. You can order now on



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