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The concept of the Galaxy Spiral is nothing new: a ball inside a round track, a scratching pad in the center. However, since it’s designed by the Cat Daddy Jackson Galaxy himself, it’s pretty much guaranteed to have some special touches that the other versions don’t have.

The Galaxy Spiral satisfies cat’s instinctual hunting drive by creating a fun “hide and seek” experience. Rather than just a plain ball, the ball inside the spiral is a motion activated LED ball that blinks.

Ruby is fascinated with the blinking ball

The scratching pad in the center can act as a “scent soaker.” If you’re not familiar with the term, scent soakers are items that will retain a cat’s smell and help him build territorial confidence. You can purchase replacement pads when the scratcher becomes too worn, but I always caution cat parents against replacing scratchers. They may look ugly to us when they start getting worn down, but keep in mind that when you replace scratchers, you’re essentially making your cat start from scratch (pardon the pun!) by forcing her to re-establish her territory!


The Galaxy Spiral was a big hit with the girls. One thing that Ruby found fascinating was how shiny the plastic is. I don’t know whether that was intentional in the design, but she really went to town pawing at the reflection of light off the plastic.

Allegra loves the scratching pad – she has yet to meet a scratcher she doesn’t like.


But what I love most about it was that the girls are actually playing together with this toy, which is something that rarely happens.

The Galaxy Spiral is available from Amazon. It comes in purple, blue, green, and orange. (Please note: if you purchase from Amazon, you may not be able to specify color.)

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