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Hound and Gatos has long been on my list of recommended brands. This family owned Wisconsin based company’s commitment to creating species-appropriate diets for cats without cutting corners is truly impressive.

Food formulation philosophy

All Hound & Gatos diets use animal ingredients as main protein sources to mimic an ancestral diet. Their wet formulas are at least 98% meat.

98+% protein from animal sources

Real meat is always the #1 ingredient in their formulas. They never use plant proteins like peas, chickpeas or lentils, something many other manufacturers do to boost protein levels at lower cost.

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Hound and Gatos features

  • No controversial ingredients, no fillers
  • No meals, no beans, no peas, no chickpeas, white potatoes, corn or soy
  • No highly processed meat, poultry or fish meals
  • Limited ingredient, grain free recipes
  • No controversial grains
  • Transparent & natural flavors
  • Vast majority of ingredients from US and Canada
  • Even their vitamins & minerals are from the US, Canada or Europe
  • Made in the USA

With 12 different flavors, many of them single protein, there’s something for every kitty’s palate.


Putting Hound and Gatos to the test

We received two of their formulas, chicken and liver, and gamebird poultry. The food comes in BPA-free cans and is a nice, moist paté.

Allegra and Ruby both loved the gamebird poultry – there wasn’t a single morsel left on their plates. They almost cleaned their plates with the chicken and liver, but weren’t quite as enthusiastic about it.

Hound and Gatos are doing everything right when it comes to making canned food. We like this brand so much that we’re giving it our coveted seal of approval.

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Hound and Gatos is available from  Some varieties of Hound and Gatos are available from Amazon. Hound and Gatos is also available from many brick and mortar retailers.


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