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Many of you have probably seen some of the often funny, sometimes sweet, posts about cats on Buzzfeed, a website that features “features breaking buzz and the kinds of things you’d want to pass along to your friends.” Now Tanner Ringerud and Jack Shepherd, two of the founders of the wildly successful site, have have created Review of My Cat, based on their popular Tumblr blog.

Let me just preface this review with the following disclaimer: Cats are the most wonderful creatures on this planet, and anyone who thinks differently – well, actually, they probably aren’t reading this site.

I’ll be honest, I had mixed feelings about this book. There are a lot of cat humor books on the market, and I only find a handful truly funny. Review of My Cat features reviews submitted by, presumably real, cat lovers. The book is divided into The Good, The Bad, The Really Bad, The Ugly, and the Useless. I balked at these categories, because quite frankly, I don’t think there is such a thing as a bad or an ugly cat – to me, they’re all beautiful. Cats are reviewed for Appearance, Sociability, Usefulness and Huggability.

Once I started reading, though, I fond myself chuckling at even some of the “bad” reviews, because it’s clear that every single reviewer loves his or her cat, regardless of the number of “D’s” or even “F’s” on the cat’s scorecard. And the photos, as well as the drawings on each page, are absolutely delightful.

The book features a handful of celebrity cats, like Lil’ Bub (the first cat featured in the “Good” section), and Colonel Meow (not in the “Good” section), but most of the cats are just regular cats in all their variety and beauty.

This is a cute little book that will make you smile, and occasionally nod in recognition as you discover that your cat is not the only one that does that one strange thing she does.

I know you’re wondering how I would rate Allegra and Ruby. While I would like to think they’re both A+ kitties (and in my book, they are!), in the interest of being truthful, here are their hones ratings:

cat_contentment Allegra

Appearance: A+
Sociability: A- I’d give her an A, because she loves visitors, but she gets so excited that she sometimes nips their hands when they pet her.
Usefulness: A+
Huggability: B She will sit on my lap or next to me, but she hates to be picked up.


Start Your Day Off Right Ruby

Appearance: A
Sociability: B (Even though she’s a velcro kitten when it comes to me, she can be a bit shy with people she hasn’t met.)
Usefulness: A- (This will probably increase to an A or A+ once she matures a bit. She still occasionally makes some bad decisions…)
Huggability: A++  If Ruby had her way, I’d be hugging her all day long.

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I received a copy of this book from the publisher. Receiving the complimentary copy did not influence my review.

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33 Comments on Review and Giveaway: Review of My Cat by Tanner Ringerud and Jack Shepherd

  1. Princess

    Appearance: A+
    Sociability: A- I’d give her an A, because she loves cuddling and giving nosies
    Usefulness: A+
    Huggability: B She will sleep with me and crawl into my arms, but she hates to be picked up.


    Appearance: A+
    Sociability: A+ She love visitors and insists on being petted and going around their legs and feet
    sometimes nips their hands when they pet her.
    Usefulness: A+
    Huggability:A+ She loves being hugged and really purrs loud.

  2. Appearance-A +well I am biased my cat’s appearance. His coat is nice and shiny. He does not like to be brushed. I always have to ambush him regarding brushing. His coat is like silk.

    Socialability A+ he loves strangers and is always very friendly. He is always curious as to who visits the house unless it is the vet.

    Usefullness B+ he is a fun little boy but has not yet matured. He still needs to learn how not to jump on his sister. He thinks of her as a play toy and jumps on her and chases her throughout the house.

    Huggability A- he loves to follow me through out the house. He always sits with me whether it is on my desk or behind my chair at the dinner table. He will sit with me on the couch. He loves to sleep with me and will snuggle up with me.

  3. Smokey

    Appearance: A+ He gets the proper food that makes his coat nice, soft, and shiny. He also gets brushed regularly. His black, gray, & white stripes are rather handsome and somewhere between long and short. He gets complimented on his big, green eyes all the time, which goes to his head.
    Sociability: A- It takes him awhile, but he generally warms up to almost everybody without much fuss and loves to make friends.
    Usefulness: A Though it’s (thankfully) not necessary very often, bugs do not last very long in Smokey’s house. I find their remains in his food bowl, unless he decides to bring them directly to me as a gift.
    Huggability: B Smokey has never really been the cuddly sort. He welcomes affection on his terms only. It’s a part of his charm.

  4. Fluffy (who passed away February 2012)
    Appearance: A+ (Fluffy was beautiful with long, soft black fur and lovely greenish-yellow eyes.)
    Sociability: F (She hated any and all visitors. Hissing and swatting was a common occurrence and most guests were afraid of her.)
    Usefulness: B+ (She liked things to be done only on her terms, but when she agreed with you she was tons of fun. She also was always there for me when I was sad or upset.)
    Huggability: B (She liked to be held, petted and would cuddle in bed, but one wrong move usually meant growling and an end to the cuddling!)

    Appearance: A+ (Niko is a gorgeous boy with sleek, soft black fur.)
    Sociability: A+ (He is a bit shy when visitors first come over but warms up quickly and enjoys them petting and playing with him.)
    Usefulness: C+ (He still has a ton of kitten energy so my day consists mostly of playing with him as much as I can and then trying to keep him from destroying things he shouldn’t be playing with. He is a very sweet cat and brings me a lot of happiness though.)
    Huggability: C+ (He hates to be held and squirms immediately when picked up. He does sleep on us but generally doesn’t like to be cuddled closely and will instead move somewhere else if you try.)

  5. David
    Appearance: A (can’t give a plus -he already thinks he owns us–don’t want it going to his head)
    Sociability: B (he often barks at people when they come to the door)
    Usefulness: B (he keeps me warm, but he never brings my husband his glasses when he asks him to–even when he’s sitting right next to them)
    Huggability: A(he’s a snuggle bug and he lets me lift him)

  6. Wilson
    Appearance: A+ The softest fur I ever felt
    Sociability: A+ Known to my friends as a big flirt who is known to bed hop when there are overnight guests in the house.
    Usefulness: A Makes sure everyone is well groomed, including me. Frequently wakes me by grooming my face.
    Huggability: A+ Loves hugs and will hug back.

  7. shared on pinterest

    plus I forgot to mention that Gabbie is 18 years old!!!! so really she’s awesome just for being here, alive and still in my life, healthy as a horse except some arthritis

  8. Gabbie 18 years
    appearance: A++ beautiful Bengal markings
    social: B+ she’s social in the sense that if she’s in your vicinity she will ALLOW you to pet her, including children (only cause she doesn’t want to get up and move her seat)
    usefulness: A++ she’s my therapist, nap partner, allows my nieces and nephews to pet and hold her, she brings me peace and serenity, she’s like my grandma cause she’s always there for me and never judges me, she is irreplaceable and indispensable, plus she lets my three black 1 year old cats snuggle with her and play with her
    huggability: A+++++++ no one cuddles like gabbie, she can’t give or get enough cuddles, plus she lets me snuggle with her while I nap, we sleep cheek to cheek

  9. Appearance: A+ Zoe is an adorable calico
    Sociability: C- She usually hides from strangers and takes months to adjust to a new friend.
    Usefulness: B+ She rarely gets into trouble and is always here to cheer me up!
    Huggability: B She does not like to be picked up but loves my attention when petting, scratching and playing with her. Once in a while she’ll sit on my lap for some extra lovin’!

  10. Isabelle

    Appearance: A+ Isabelle is a beautiful flame point Siamese
    Sociability: B She loves to be admired, but doesn’t like a lot of attention from other people. She’s really only affectionate with family. She’s a great lap cat!
    Usefulness: A She is helpful at teaching social skills to my foster kittens and doesn’t mind giving them a swat to keep them in their place when they want to play too rough.
    Huggability: C She doesn’t like being held and will LOUDLY complain about it.

  11. Appearance:B Demon’s a senior kitty needs help to look his best
    Sociability: C only me or some of the other cats are allowed near him
    Usefulness: A just having him around all these years is comforting
    Huggability: B only when he wants to be held, but always up for headbutt kisses

  12. Purrcy

    Appearance A-, Purrcy is so handsome, he gets the minus for being a little overweight
    Socialbility B+ he loves us, but when strangers come in the house, he runs and hides
    Usefullness A+ Purrcy is very good at hunting bugs
    Huggability B+ it has to be on his terms, he does not like to be picked up and only occasionaly sits on laps

  13. Truffles:

    Appearance: A+ (perfect little tortie who grooms herself every wakeful moment!)
    Sociability: A- (She’s friendly with people but if given the choice would prefer to have me all to herself.)
    Usefulness: A (She gets in little to no trouble, and is my watchful window kitty.)
    Huggability: A- (A work in progress…she’s coming to my lap (if it’s her choice) more often now that it’s so cold, but hates to be picked up.)

  14. Squeaker:

    Appearance: A the routinely handsome orage or ginger tabby
    Sociability : A+ he is an attention sponge from me and anyone who walks through the door
    Usefulness : B- his most useful feature is by ensuring I have plenty of messed to clean up but a small bonus for occasional amusement factor
    Huggability: A He loves to be held and hugged


    Appearance: B a grey and white tabby who is handsome to his mommy
    Sociability: C- A former feral who was not brought in until 5 months he is very skittish and scared of strangers, loud noises, plastic bags, etc
    Usefulness: B He is my bug killer and the feline who senses my mood & physical well-being the best
    Huggability: A+ As long as it is me or someone he knows, Lucky is an attention sponge and his nickname is my Velcro kitty

  15. Ah! To rate my Two-Face is something that I do everyday!

    Appearance: A for her lovely colors and neat fur
    Sociability: C- for her need to swat people for sitting in HER seat.
    Usefulness: A lot more attentive to who comes and goes than the dogs are. Also keeps the chickens in line when it’s time to collect eggs.
    Huggability: Not too big on hugs and cuddles unless someone is sick and looks like they need one.

  16. This sounds very fun and clever…though I’m a little worried how Katie would score Waffles:

    Appearance: A for Annoying.
    Sociability: A for Attention Hog.
    Usefulness: Seriously? You’re kidding, right?
    Huggability: I’m not touching him with a 10′ wand toy.

    ; )

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