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The Cat Sitter mystery series, featuring Dixie Hemingway, a pet sitter who lives on one of the Florida keys, has been a favorite of mine ever since the first book in the series, Curiosity Killed the Cat Sitter, came out seven years ago. The series was originally written by Blaize Clement. Her son, John Clement, continued the series after her death in 2011. Blaize had been collaborating on plots and characters for future novels with John.

In The Cat Sitter’s Nine Lives, Dixie witnesses a head-on collision on the main road that runs through her beach town. After pulling one of the drivers from his car just before it explodes, Dixie heads to the local bookstore, where she meets Cosmo the bookstore cat and the store’s owner, Mr. Hoskins. When Cosmo and Mr. Hoskins disappear without a trace, Dixie can’t help but investigate. She soon finds herself involved in a twisted mystery of murder, revenge and deception.

Dixie is one of my favorite cozy mystery heroines, and the setting of this series always makes me wish I lived in her little beachfront house. I’ve enjoyed following Dixie’s development over the life of the series, and I was particularly happy that Dixie finds happiness in a new romance in this installment. Or does she? You’ll just have to read the book to find out.

The setting, the characters, and the plot make The Cat Sitter’s Nine Lives a great addition to your summer reading list.

Enter to win an autographed copy of The Cat Sitter’s Nine Lives!

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I received a copy of this book from the author. Receiving the complimentary copy did not influence my review.

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  1. This series is a great read. Cats, Animals, Action, Cool setting. Dixie is great! Her curiosity boundless. The stories well written pulling you in, pulling you along. Was reading the last one and about jumped out of my skin when my daughter wanted to know what was for dinner (2 hours late).

  2. I would devour a copy of the new Dixie book. She has such a love of her charges. It is obvious from the way she does her job.

    She also has a true love of Florida and her brother and his partner. All of this makes me love Dixie.

  3. I fell in May and just came home from Rehab on July 17th and missed the deadline for the Book give away. Actually, since my daughter introduced me to this series I have bought all of Blaize Clement’s (and now with John) books. I met Blaize several times at the Mystery Florida conferences. Now that the pre=ordered book has arrived, I have to start reading it!

    • Hi John, Could you please send me the email address for the “Read with me” email which Suzanne has? Thanks!

  4. I discovered Blaize Clement’s book just by chance and fell in love with her writing and read every one of her books after that. When Blaize passed away I corresponded with John and found him to be charming and then with his first book – talented as well! It would be an honor to have a signed copy of his latest book.

  5. I have been a fan of this series for quite a few years. I was sad to hear of the passing of Blaize Clement. I enjoyed her series and the style of writing. She wrote in a way that made the writer care about the main character, Dixie.

    I was very pleased when I found out that her son, John had taken over the series. In continuing the series, he has allowed the character of Dixie to continue. In a way, he has honored the memory of his mom by doing this. I look forward to reading more about Dixie.

  6. i’ve missed dixie. i miss the sand and surf and birds. i miss watching with her as the sun goes down. i miss the meals with her brother and friend. and i miss all the little critters she takes good care of. would love to have a volume to keep.

  7. I have followed the Dixie Hemingway series with great enjoyment and added involvement when I learned in the Dear Reader Club of the close friendship between Suzanne Beecher and Blaize Clement and the grief so many of us felt at her death. I was so pleased that her son is continusing the series.

  8. Although I’ve been a Dixie fan from the first book, I would love to receive this one for two reasons – a good addition to my “library shelves” and to frame the cover for my wall.

  9. I just love this series and am so grateful that John picked up where his beautiful mother left off.

  10. I would love a signed copy of the book to read and then share with The Independent Cat Society Black Cat Boogie Silent Auction. ICS has been a no kill shelter for homeless cats and kittens since 1977 in Northwest Indiana. The Black Cat Boogie is one of our big annual fundraising events.

  11. I absolutely love following Dixie and her adventures in the Cat Sitter series. Blaize Clement began a very exciting book series and John has continued her work in a marvelous way. I have even convinced my husband to read the books along with me, and on our vacation last year we actually went to Siesta Key to follow in Dixie’s footsteps to see where her fictional adventures occurred and to enjoy her wonderful island!

  12. I have read all of the cat sitter mysteries. I love the series and own all but the newest one. I has so happy to see that her son was going to continue the series. I lived in Florida for twelve years and it is great to read about a character from there. I thing that they are well written and always look forward to the next one.

  13. I’d love to win this book because this is my favorite series ever. I have loved every single book so far and can’t wait to read the new one. The characters are great and so are the stories.

  14. I have been a huge fan of these books since the first page of the first book! I can’t wait to read her next adventure!

  15. Thanks for the continued cat sleuthing! I still miss your mom so much. She was a loving and kind person. And she loved animals!

    I would love to win the latest, to savor the contents and then send it on its way.


  16. This is one of my favorite mystery series. The writing is so amazing that I can feel the emotions the characters feel. I can see myself in the story with them. Each book finished leaves me waiting for the next one to be in the stores. I am so happy that John is continuing the series. He, like his mom, is a wonderful writer. I love animals and own 4 dogs and 2 cats and my sons started their own pet sitting business.

  17. Our local library has no funds fo new books this year. If I could win this book, I would first read it, then donate it to the library. (I think I’ve read all of the “Catsitter” mysteries so far.)

  18. I’ve loved this series from the beginning. I think it’s awesome that John has decided to continue the series. I shared on FB, tweeted, and shared on Google+

  19. Wow! I just finished reading The Catsitter’ s Nine Lives. This series just gets better and better. I can honestly say for one of the first times in a very long time, I was quite surprised with the ending of this story. I almost always guess who “dunnit”, but not this time. This series got me musing about the joys of pet sitting as a career and then a friend forwarded an email about an online class on starting a pet sitting business and I just finished that, so perhaps it won’t just be a dream after all. In any case, read this book and the entire series…it is so fun and entertaining!!

    I found one error, however, and that was in Chapter 22. This book says Cora got her bread machine from her daughter, but she actually got it from her granddaughter, Marilee, as told in the first book in Chapters 15 & 19.

  20. I’d love to win this book! I’m owned by a 22 lb Maine Coon named Mr Muffin (yes, he’s the owner!) and we love to read about cats! 😉

  21. I was looking for a fun read a couple of years ago when I read a blurb on one of the Cat Sitter’s books. I immediately found it to be intetesting and bought the book. Needless to say I got hooked on dixie and read through the series. When Blaize died i was sorry to hear it and thought that would be the end. Now through John we can continue enjoying Dixie and her wonderful gay brothers and the cat and of course the clients. Blaize had a good plan to keep the books going on!

  22. I was hooked from the first book. I started reading these when I saw that they were set in Siesta Key. I love love this place!

  23. I can hardly wait for my new book. I have all 8 books that Blaize had written in the Hemingway series. I found my first book “Duplicity Dogged The Dachshund by accident, saw the author was from Sarasota Florida and I was familiar with the area she was writing about since I live close by so I picked up the book and have been enjoying the rest of her books whenever they came out and looking for each new one. She was a Wonderful writer and John your doing great following in Mom’s footsteps, please keep up the good work and keep her writing’s coming our way they are the BEST. Your doing her justice and so sorry we had to lose her so soon. Thank you for everything.

  24. I love reading the Cat Sitter’s books! I vacation at Siesta Key every year and reading these books takes me back there. Dixie’s adventures are always entertaining. I hope to be moving to the area soon and can’t wait to put all the books in the series on my bookshelf.

  25. I am a fan and I think Dixie is one of my best friends. So happy to find another book to add to my long list of best reads. Thanks so much.

  26. I started reading this series when I found one in the new book section of our library. I loved it so much that I read all the previous books and have purchased every new one since. I have learned so much about cats and their care from these books and absolutely love all the characters and location. Thanks so much John for continuing your mom’s legacy.

  27. I first met Dixie and her family while going through a difficult time and needing something light and fun to read. Since I often had entertained the thought of becoming a professional pet sitter after the first book I raced to get the second. They gave me such enjoyment that I searched the web to send a thank you to their creator, since this was just two summers ago unfortunately she had already passed and I was devastated feeling almost as if I had lost a friend because after all she was Dixie. I sent a message through the web site and read that it was John’s plan to keep Dixie alive. He responded and I anxiously awaited the newest Dixie and was thrilled first that I had a new Dixie story to read but also for John because the transition in writers was just seamless. I am sure that Blaize is smiling down on both Dixie and John!! Thank you John for keeping Dixie and get adventures a part of our lives!

  28. So happy to hear there is another Cat Sitter’s book out. I have read all of Blaize’s books and can’t wait to read this one. They are fun reads and I’m not afraid to let my grandchildren read them too.
    So glad Blaize’s son is continuing the series.

  29. I’ve been with Dixie from the beginning, and am so glad that John has continued the series for his mother. Looking forward to Dixie’s latest adventure.

  30. I had a some delightful e-mail exchanges with Blaize back in June of 2009, where she actually took the time and trouble to send me a “Sierra Key” hat just like the one worn by Dixie. A famous writer actually did this for me! I treasure it to this day. I love all of Dixie’s adventures and will certainly be reading this newest one and I sure would love having a signed copy of it to keep with my treasured hat.

  31. I have started obtaining the books in this series due to the cat in them. I am a HUGE cat fan and love the cozy mystery books.

  32. I’d love to find a new mystery series to begin reading. If cats are in it, even bettered

    • Michelle. Have you read the series by Shirley Rousseau Murphy? It is about Joe Grey P.I.
      Joe Grey is a cat. He talks. He uses the phone. The local police are going nuts trying to find out who their secret informant is. Joe’s acerbic comments about humans are spot on. Love it.

  33. This looks like an adorable prize to win. I love reading and a book with cats in it just makes it even better.

  34. These books are so entertaining. Loved all the books written by Blaize and can’t wait to read The Cat Sitter’s Nine Lives.

  35. The first Dixie Hemingway book I read was Cat Sitter on a Hot Tin Roof which mentions a luxury kennel for cats with kitty condos. That made me wonder if the author ever visited the Burbank Cat Hotel which was the first luxury cat boarding facility of its kind. I enjoyed the book and wanted to read more since Lillian Jackson Braun is no longer with us. By the way, I want to read more pet stories and less steamy romance.

  36. I love these books, I got a signed book by Blaize who was very kind to reply to my email and I’d love a copy signed by John 🙂

  37. I have read the whole series from the library. Additionally, I have purchased some to give as gifts. (The library frowns on it when one gives their books away.)
    I want a free copy because the library does not yet have it. I will read it and then MAYBE give it to a friend!

    Thanks for keeping up the series!

  38. I have loved all of the “Dixie adventures”. And I know I will love this book too! It’s nice to be able to safely go on these dog or cat sitting days with Dixie! I don’t think I’d be that brave!

  39. I have a mental illness that makes it hard to concentrate. I have a hard time reading books. Form what I’ve read in the teaser paragraph, this may be a book that grips me and keep me focused. I’d love to try and share it with my mother so we can get into the series. I used to be able to read very well, I’d read a novel in one day. I used to love to read. Please pick me! Thank you for your consideration.

  40. I discovered Blaize Clement’s books when I worked at a local county library. I LOVED them right from the start. I want to live the life of Dixie and all of her adventures. I am a pet lover also and live with two cats. I wrote to Blaize on her website to ask for her autograph on her books that I owned. I was going on a girls trip to Flordia and we were going to visit Siesta Key. She wrote back to me saying yes…she would autograph my books but I didn’t know she had answered me on her website until we returned home. I really missed the chance to meet her and tell her how much I enjoyed her books. We loved Siesta Key and looked for Midnight Pass Road and bought lunch at Anna’s Deli! I kept thinking I know I’m going to see Billy Elliott running around here somewhere. The sunsets on Siesta Key are just as beautiful and magical as she described them.

  41. I was so excited to find the first “cat sitter ” book. I grew up on Siesta Key and so enjoyed the mysteries and the familiar surroundings ! All the characters have their own personalities and I have grown to love each one for what they bring to the story. I( we, as my husband shares the enjoyment of these books with me) was so sadded by Blaize’s death.. Just to think there would be no more cat sitter mysteries. Then we were delighted to learn that her son, John, had worked with her on plots and characters and would continue the series…so far we have been pleased. We do wish more were available on CD, especially in libraries. My mom would love these and she can only listen because of macular degeneration at 97. Thanks, I can’t wait to get the new book!

  42. Thank you so much for this giveaway! I am an avid reader, and cat owner, and so I love cat-themed books! I would love to win this! 🙂

  43. I’ve loved this series from the beginning and have enjoyed selling this to my customers. Happy that John is carrying on the series.

  44. Great series!! You open the book, and you are right there with them involved in their lives. They are hard to put down.

  45. Anxious to read this one. Read all of the others and LOVE them. So saddened by Dixie’s death; but am happy John is continuing the series.

  46. I would like to win because I love this series and I cannot afford books. It’s smart funny and we’ll written.

  47. I’ve read the whole series, except for this one and it’d be nice to get just one free, paperback books are getting way to expensive now-a-days! This one sounds as good as the rest of them!

  48. I have loved Dixie since the first book. Getting to know her, her brother Michael, his partner Paco, the people at the diner and all the other people in Dixie’s life has been so much fun. She always manages to get herself into trouble. She loves animals and white keds. Cannot wait to read the Cat Sitter’s Nine Lives.

  49. Went on Facebook and pi ninterst. Shared their book which is the best one I have read so far. Bering a cat lover, these are the bezyt books.

  50. I’ve enjoyed every book in this series and must say John is doing a bangup job continuing it. Always so much to read.

  51. I just started as a Cat Sitter this February 2014 and this is the first that I heard of this series of books.
    Looking forward to reading the series and catching up to this new one.

  52. I have read some of the earlier books and loved them. Would love to read one of his. Thanks for the giveaway.

  53. I absolutely love this series. I discovered it thanks to your book reviews. I own all of the series so far, and I would LOVE to have an autographed copy of this newest one ! Keep the reviews coming I have discovered lots of great cat books through them. Thank you!!

  54. I’ve enjoyed the Dixie Hemenway pet sitter series from the beginning. They have “heart” and greater depth of relationships than most “cozy” mysteries. I was saddened when Blaize Clement died. John Clement is carrying on the legacy admirably. I think his mother would be very pleased and proud. I’m looking forward to reading this latest installment and would love to receive an autographed copy. Thank you.

  55. I stumbled upon this series of books thru Audible. I have a very busy petsitting business in Florida, so I have more time to listen to books than to read them. I LOVED her first couple books! Since most the books haven’t yet been turned into audio books, looks like I’ll have to sit down and read the rest. Being a pet sitter, I get a kick out of reading about a mystery solving pet sitter. They are fun books!

    • I too, love the Dixie Hemingway character created by BkaizeClement and now continued through her son, John Clement. The series has something for animal lovers and mystery lovers and
      Showcases great characters who interact with Dixie throughout each book. I’ve read them all and am anxious to read the newest one by John Clement. Keep on creating more Dixie Hemingway mysteries, John and your public promises to keep on reading your stories.

  56. I’d love to start reading these books…cats AND a mystery? What could be better? They sound so interesting. I also like that the author is picking up where his mom left off. As a mother of sons, this impresses me.

  57. I would love to have this book since the illustrations are exactly like my cat. I can pretend that he is the same as in the book. All of my e-mail buddies and work associates have been told to read this book. As usual it is the best yet (how can each edition keep getting better?).

  58. I love to read and I love to cats. Besides, with no air conditioning in the summer, one of the nicest things to do on a hot afternoon is to sit quietly and read a book.

  59. I want to win this because I need a new book to read before vacation time next month, I collect cat books, I love cats and I’m a great cat sitter, had people tell me that I probably wouldn’t even see their cats and of course the cats and I became friends, most even would sleep with me!

  60. I have read every single one of the Cat series. I can honestly say that, in my opinion, there were no discernible differences in the writing style and continuation of the plots of the books that were written by Mom or Son. I love this series.

  61. I have read all of the previous books and look forward Anxiously for this new one. The writing is so good I feel as if Dixie is a dear friend.

  62. Love the series! I emailed Blaize when she was alive and thanked her for getting me to read again. She truly inspired me! I would love to have this book signed by her son. It would mean a lot to me and I would treasure it! Also I have two cats!

  63. I have read all of this series! Couldn’t get any better. Can’t wait pick up this one and add to my collection!!

  64. I absolutely love this series and am so glad that John is continuing it. The characters are so interesting, and I look forward to reading more about them.

  65. I have thoroughly enjoyed ALL of the Cat Sitter mysteries starring Dixie Hemingway. Each one better than the last.

  66. I have thoroughly enjoyed ALL of the Cat Sitter mysteries starring Dixie Hemingway. Each one better than the next.

  67. I haven’t read any books by this author yet, but I’m sure I will love it! It’s wonderful that her son is continuing in his Mom’s footsteps!

  68. Shared on Facebook, Google and Pinterest. Just like many here I love good mystery and cats so this one is for me.

  69. Can’t wait to get my hands on “Nine Lives”. Ever since discovering Blaize’s first book, I’ve waited impatiently for the next book to arrive. Upon hearing of her death, I felt as much sorrow as if she had been a family member. What joy it was to find out John was collaborating with his Mom and would continue these great, fun, captivating books. Thank goodness “Dixie” lives on. I don’t doubt that Blaize is looking down and is so proud of John for continuing to carry on for those of us who became hooked on the “Cat Sitter”.

  70. I have always loved these books, and can’t wait to read the next one.

    I had to have my cat Frankie put to sleep in April, very unexpected and it hit me real hard.

    I would love to have a signed copy of your latest book

    thank you

  71. I would love to win this book. I’ve read a few Blaize & John books. I collect mystery books by several authors. Nice to add this one.

  72. Well, I have not read this one yet, but have read most of the others in the series. I am looking forward to reading this one.

  73. I love this series. I have read all the previous ones. I live in Miami and our library budget has been cut down severely, costing jobs and not allowing the library to buy enough books to meet the demand. A requested book takes months to receive. I don’t want to wait month and months to read the latest in Dixie series. After I finish reading it, I will donate the book to library so others can read it. What is happening to the Miami libraries and librarians and those who can’t afford books is terribly sad.

  74. I love reading about Dixie and her adventurous life
    Each book is filled with good times and strife
    I learn about her friends, family and all those pets
    When I start reading, can’t put her down on a bet.
    I feel like I’m visiting with an old friend,
    And read and reread each volume from beginning to end.
    So, I’m impatiently waiting for this next book,
    Hope I win it so I can take a look!

  75. I love reading your books! They are so clear, I can see the images in my head and I like trying to work out the mysteries along with her. I actually took my daughter to Fort Lauderdale when she graduated high school. We did a little driving down the coast and I’ve seen some of the houses like are described in the books, so my imagination can really work with that…. I’d also love to have her cottage by the seashore! Even if I’d have to live in the apartment over the garage!! 🙂

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  76. I first heard about the Dixie Hemmingway series when it was featured at a few years ago, and I’ve been hooked since! Up until now, I have read them on my Kindle, but I look forward to reading one of the books in physical form.

  77. Oh I love a good mystery and that the son has continued his mothers writing is so very touching. I would love an autographed copy!!

  78. I love this series, and love that John is continuing it, and so well! I am on reserve for a library copy, but having my own AUTOGRAPHED copy would be special indeed. Sharing on Facebook as well, not just for the extra chance, but because friends will want to read this. 😉

  79. I love mystery books, I’ve read so much Grisham and co. But one with a kitty?! Combining my favorite books with my favorite beloved animal is huge! I need to have this book!

    • Oh, and plus, I can’t get enough of Conscious Cat. I’ve recently stumbled upon you on Facebook and I’ve been following you closely ever since. Pre-ordered your book, but October is so far away, I need to get catifying fast! 🙂

  80. I’ve read almost if not all of the Dixie Hemingway Cat Sitter books and this one I definitely want to read as well.

  81. I haven’t heard of this author. I saw the fb ad and decided to try to win a copy. I see there are several other books, too! I’m not sure what age group this is for; if it’s not for me, I’ll give it to one of my grandkids. If I like the book, I’ll send msg’s. out to some of my fb friends who will ant to read the books, too- if I enjoy this one. I am a cat lover (domestic and wildcats), but I like dogs enough to have read Marley & Me great book. I saw the movie, too, but enjoyed the book more. I read “Born Free,” “Christian the Lion,” and “Dewey” and loved them all. One way or another this book, will be read by someone (or more than one) member of the family- then the other books can and will be looked into also.

  82. Can’t wait for this new instalment ! I’ve read all of them too. Being a cat sitter in England, it’s really interesting to read all about Dixies adventures!
    Thanks for this post Ingrid xx

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