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Feline Friends: Tales from the Heart is a collection of stories sent to the Cat Protection Society of New South Wales in Australia, an independent rescue group that has been caring for cats since 1958.

From the publisher:

A heartwarming tribute to our feline friends, this collection of real-life stories and captivating photographs will delight, amaze and deeply touch anyone who has ever spent time with a cat. From cats who ‘adopted’ their owners to strays who visited with a human just long enough to entrust them with their kittens, from loving companions giving solace in times of grief to little bundles of fur given as a child’s first pet, ‘Feline Friends’ celebrates the beauty, elegance, and incredible capacity for love of that most selective of pets — the cat! Above all, it shows us why cats matter and why our lives are richer when they share the journey with us.

I thoroughly enjoyed this collection of stories, but what really makes this book special are the photos. The images are stunning, and it’s hard to believe that they were contributed  by members and friends of The Cat Protection Society of NWS, rather than taken by professional photographers. It’s a delight just browing through the book looking at all the gorgeous photos of beautiful cats.

The stories are charming and heart touching, ranging from children writing about their cats to cats helping their humans through dark times. One of my favorite stories was the story of Pepper, an angry tortie who, along with her four babies, was rescued by a Cat Protection Society volunteer. As the emotionally broken cat slowly learned to trust humans again while raising her kittens, her foster parents decided that they couldn’t part with her and gave her a forever home after finding homes for all the kittens. The story reminded me of Amber, who was brought to the animal hospital I worked at at the time, along with her five kittens. The kittens were adopted fairly quickly, but nobody wanted the beautiful mommy cat. I took her home just to “foster her.” She never left my house again and gave me ten wonderful years.

This lovely book is a real treat, and would make a wonderful gift for cat lovers.

Feline Friends is available for Amazon Kindle. The print version is available directly from the publisher at Exisle Publishing. They will ship internationally.

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