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Cats, a tropical setting, mouth-watering food (with some recipes included), and did I mention cats? As far as I’m concerned, Fatal Reservations, the latest in Lucy Burdette’s Key West Food Critic mystery series, has all the ingredients for fun summer reading.

Protagonist Hayley Snow looks forward to reviewing a new floating restaurant for Key Zest magazine. When she is sent to a city commission meeting to cover the controversy between the new restaurant and nearby land based businesses, she witnesses another uproar. The quirky performers of the daily Sunset Celebration on Key West’s Mallory Square are struggling to hold onto their performance space. Things take a deadly turn when one of the performers is found murdered, and one of Lucy’s friends becomes the prime suspect. Lucy can’t just sit by and watch,and gets involved in the murder investigation so she can clear her friend’s name.

While the cats in this book are not central to the mystery, they make frequent appearances. Haley lives on a houseboat with her two cats Evinrude and Sparky, and when Lorenzo gets into trouble, she temporarily takes care of his kitten, Lola. The famous Dominique the Catman and his Flying House Cats makes a cameo appearance as well.

Fatal Reservations is a fast paced, well plotted mystery full of quirky characters and local color. Between the setting, the guilt-free pleasure of reading about amazing food, and the cats, this has become one of my favorite mystery series.


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