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Buffy, an orange tabby from the Chicago suburbs, is one busy cat. Over the course of his life, this handsome boy was a bartender, a judge, a DJ, a teacher, and a dental hygienist. He spends his days commuting on public transit, going grocery shopping, and enjoying a cold beverage at the end of a long day. He also does chores such as mowing the lawn and chopping firewood, but fear not, in addition to working hard, Buffy also knows how to relax. On weekends, he lays out at the beach, goes fishing, and relaxes by listening to music.

In The Extraordinary Life of Buffy the Cat, Sandy Robins, an award winning multimedia pet lifestyle expert, gives voice to Paul Smulson’s photographs of his beloved cat. Smulson didn’t even realize he was a cat lover until he and his wife adopted Buffy and his brother Smokey. Smulson discovered by accident that Buffy loves to pose for pictures.

The photos are gorgeous, and Sandy’s witty captions will make you smile and often laugh out loud. The authors claim that none of the photos in the book have been manipulated with photo editing software, which makes them even more remarkable.


I’m not a fan of putting outfits on cats, and thankfully, there are only a handful of those in the book. The rest of the photos are all just Buffy in all his handsomeness. The juxtaposition of this cat in some all too human settings makes for a fun little book that you’ll come back to over and over when you need a cat fix and a smile.


Sandy Robbins Launches 1st Annual National Tabby Day


In order to celebrate the release of this book, Sandy Robins will launch the first Annual National Tabby Day to celebrate tabby cats. The festivities will take place on April 30 in New York City at Bidawee Animal Shelter. Click here for more information about the event.

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