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When it comes to litter boxes, the saying “cleanliness is next to godliness” most definitely applies. A dirty litter box is a common reason why cats will eliminate outside the box – and can you blame them? How would you like to use a toilet that hasn’t been flushed in days?

I am meticulous about scooping our litter boxes. Since I work from home, I usually scoop as soon as Ruby or Allegra have deposited something in the box, so litter box odors aren’t much of an issue at our house. But even if you’re not home all day, at a minimum, the litter box should be scooped twice a day.

If you use clumping litter, you should dump out and replace the litter entirely once a month. And don’t forget to occasionally replace the litter box. Plastic can become porous, and no matter how well you clean, after a while, the box just won’t be totally clean.

Litter additives can help extend the life of your litter and prevent odors. The problem with many litter additives is that they are scented, and most cats don’t like scented litter. As someone who doesn’t much care for scented products, I can definitely relate – and cats’ noses are much more sensitive than ours. Litter additives may also be loaded with chemicals.

DooKashi: A Natural Solution for Pet Poo-Lution

DooKashi is a litter additive that is designed to eliminate litter box odors and reduce harmful pathogens at the microbial level. Made from natural ingredients (wheat bran, probiotics, blackstrap molasses and purified water,) is one of the few pet products that is non-GMO verified. DooKashi works via its key ingredient, a probiotic blend, by rendering pathogens inert. Once the pathogens are removed, the odor is gone.

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Putting DooKashi to the test

I no longer test litter and litter related products with Allegra and Ruby. Over the years, I’ve occasionally tried different types of litters or additives, and they’ve consistently refused to use the box whenever anything has changed. We do not have issues with inappropriate elimination at our house, and I’m not willing to take chances for the sake of a product review.

Instead, I tested this product with ammonia – not quite the same as cat urine, but close enough. I put some of our clumping clay litter in a container and added the DooKashi. The product itself has a faint scent reminiscent of fresh baked bread, but that almost completely dissipated once I mixed it in with the litter. I added a splash of ammonia. The litter clumped as it is supposed to – and I was amazed how quickly the ammonia odor disappeared.

In addition to reducing litter box odors, DooKashi will also help extend the life of your litter. The company recommends sprinkling 1 cup of DooKashi into a freshly filled litter box, and then adding 1 cup per week between litter box changes to maintain freshness and make litter last longer.

DooKashi for Cats comes in 1 lb. and 2 lb. bags. The small bag will last one cat on average 6 – 8 weeks; 2 cats on average 3 – 4 weeks. The large bag will last one cat on average 12 – 14 weeks; 2 cats on average 6 – 8 weeks. The more cats you have, the more frequently you will need to replenish.

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