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Diabetes in humans has reached epidemic proportions, and sadly, this trend also affects our cats. Diabetes affects as many as 1 in 50 cats, and appears to be more prevalent due to factors such as diet and low activity levels. Male, neutered cats are at increased risk, as are cats who are overweight or obese. A diabetes diagnosis can be overwhelming for cat parents. In The Comeback Cat: Cleo’s Incredible Journey Through Feline Diabetes to Remission, Heather Peden shares her experience  with this disease.

When 9-year-old Cleo is diagnosed, Heather learns as much as she can about the disease, but quickly becomes frustrated, faced with conflicting and often wrong information. When Cleo’s condition worsens, even though Heather has been following her vet’s advice, she begins her own research and discovers the missing link that helps Cleo begin to recover and eventually go into remission.

This book offers an up close and personal look at how treating a diabetic cat can be a life-changing experience. From having to learn how to give insulin injections, test blood sugar levels, and understanding the dangerous warning signs of hypoglycemia (which occurs when blood sugar drops to dangerously low levels,) diabetes takes over Heather’s life. But despite the frustrations of treatment, Heather also finds that her bond with Cleo changes and grows as they go through this experience together.

I highly recommend this book to anyone caring for a diabetic cat, especially to those new to dealing with the condition. I was touched by Heather’s honest and open narrative of how the disease affected not just her day-to-day life, but also her emotions. Caring for an ill cat takes its toll on caregivers, and by sharing her journey, Heather personalizes dealing with a common feline disease. Rather than a “how to” book, this is a heart-felt account from the trenches.

The Comeback Cat is available from Amazon.

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