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There are a lot of supplements for pets on the market, and it can be challenging for cat parents to know not only which ones your cat might need, but which ones are quality products. I’m always on the lookout for quality products and was intrigued when In Clover approached me about reviewing some of their supplements.

I rarely accept supplements for review unless it’s something I’ve already thoroughly researched and/or tried. I won’t use Allegra and Ruby as product testers for products whose claims I can’t verify. After taking a look around In Clover’s website, I was impressed.

Based in Boulder, CO, In Clover was founded by biochemist Rebecca Rose. Rebecca specializes in the study of how nutrition supports overall health, a topic I’m passionate about. She took a close look at what’s happening in healthy animal bodies that isn’t happening in the others, and developed a complete line of supplements for cats (and dogs) to address the most common health issues.

Supplements are available for digestive support, urinary tract health, skin and coat health, respiratory and ocular support, healthy weight maintenance and dental health.

In Clover supplements not only carry the NASC seal of the National Animal Supplement Council, which lets consumers know that they’re buying from a reputable company that has completed a successful facility audit, they also carry multiple additional certifications. All products are made in the USA in FDA approved facilities.

We received two products for review, their OptaGest Daily Digestive Support supplement and Smile, their dental supplement from their Feline Functional Rewards line, a line of chewy treats packed beneficial nutrients.

OptaGest Daily Digestive Support


OptaGest contains the prebiotic organic inulin and four plant-based enzymes that support normal digestion that can be challenged by food change, travel, stress, separation or the usual aging process. Digestive enzymes aid in the absorption of nutrients.

OptaGest is a flavorless powder. I  mixed the powder in with Allegra and Ruby’s raw food, and they didn’t seem to notice any difference in taste – something that I was worried about with Ruby, because she can be a little fussy.

Smile Dental Treats


Smile dental treats contain flavonoids, prebiotics, catnip and green tea and are said to improve breath and provide longterm benefits for teeth, gums and overall health. The treats are free of wheat, corn and soy. I’m not crazy that tapioca starch is the first ingredient, but I’m guessing it’s used as a binder to hold the treats together and give them the chewy consistency. Since the recommended dosage is 2 treats per day, I’m not too worried about adding too many carbs to their diet. Ruby loved the treats. Allegra was less thrilled, but she tends to not really like treats all that much in general.

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FTC Disclosure: I received this product for review at no charge. I also received a fee to feature this product. Receiving the free product and the fee did not influence my review. All reviews on The Conscious Cat will always reflect my honest and unbiased opinion. Or, as the case may be, Allegra and Ruby’s honest and unbiased opinion.

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