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Catnip: for the cats who react to it, it can be an endless source of stimulation and delight, usually followed by a period of deep relaxation. Only about 50% of cats are affected by catnip, and not all cats react the same. In Cats on Catnip, photographer Andrew Marttila and self-proclaimed crazy cat man, captures the full range of cats’ reactions to catnip in stunning photographs.

Andrew, who also photographed the cats in Shop Cats of New York, is one of the most talented cat photographers I know. His photos capture the essence of every cat he works with. “When photographing cats, the attitude is as important as the gear,” writes Andrew in the book’s introduction. “Patience, good lighting, and a fast shutter speed go a long way.”


Andrew graduated with a degree in neuroscience. Who knew this degree would come in handy in exploring the neuro-effects of catnip!


But Andrew’s book is not about the science of catnip – it’s about showcasing the silliness and joy of cats who partook in the herb, ranging in age from kitten to senior.


Cats on Catnip is a celebration of cats: silly cats, crazy cats, acrobatic cats, playful cats and funny cats. A treat for any cat lover, this book will leave you with a big smile on your face.

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All photos ©Andrew Marttila, provided by the publisher and used with permission

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  1. I am such a cat lover that I am reading this content with my cat headphones on. Your book for cat lovers in intriguing me and I can’t help but to order the book on Amazon as soon as possible.

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