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We’ve long been huge fans of Catit products, so I was excited to see that Catit just came out with a new line of treats – but not nearly as excited as Allegra and Ruby!


These lickable creamy treats contain only a few simple, natural ingredients. They can be fed as a treat directly out of the tube, or served up on a dish.


The Creamy treats are available in three flavors: chicken and liver, salmon, and scallop. We received the chicken and liver and salmon flavors, and given the girls’ enthusiasm for both, it was impossible to determine whether they had a favorite.


The calorie count for each tube is approximately 4.5 calories, so that’s pretty negligible in terms of adding to your cat’s daily calorie intake. However, if you have a cat who has to watch her weight, be sure to adjust her regular food accordingly so you don’t sabotage any weight loss or weight maintenance efforts.

I like the minimal ingredients in these treats. In addition to the protein, they contain supplemental taurine and tapioca starch and/or locust bean gum as a binder. In the past, I’ve only given Allegra and Ruby freeze dried meat treats. These treats offer a nice “wet treat” alternative.

Both of the girls are good eaters, but I think these treats would work great to entice finicky cats to eat. Simply spread a small amount of the treat over raw or canned food, or mix it in with the food. They may also work well to disguise pills or crushed up medication. (Always check with your veterinarian before crushing medications and mixing in with food or treats, not all medications should be administered that way.)

For more information on Catit Creamy treats, please visit Catit’s website. The treats are available from Amazon with free shipping for Prime members.

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Ruby would like to put in a request to Catit to offer these treats in tuna flavor.

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