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Cat Facts: The Pet Parent’s A-Z Home Care Encyclopedia is the result of 25+ years of researching, loving, and writing about cats. Amy Shojai, the bestselling author of more than 30 pet books, offers a comprehensive reference guide for adopting, keeping, and maintaining a happy, healthy cat.

From answering questions about preventive and holistic care to fascinating facts about cats to details about specific conditions, Cat Facts has it all. The book features

  • An alphabetical listing, with more than 200 entries and 160+ cute cat photos and illustrations
  • Charts that list symptoms for a particular condition, the corresponding home care or first aid, the comparative veterinarian and holistic treatments, and preventive advice
  • A poison first aid chart
  • A comprehensive, easy-to-use index for quick reference
  • Contact information for dozens of cat organizations and veterinary resources

and much much more.

This book is an invaluable resource for cat owners. It’s a great learning resource for new cat guardians, a helpful starting point if you’re trying to figure out whether something might be wrong with your cat, and a supportive resource if your cat has been diagnosed with a disease and you want to get more information. Shojai’s thorough explanations are easy to understand without overwhelming the reader.

I loved almost everything about this book – the only part that didn’t resonate with me was the section on diet and nutrition. Pet nutrition is a controversial subject, and Amy’s take on it does not reflect my recommendations. Despite this, I consider Cat Facts one of the best organized and easiest to use cat care guides I’ve seen (and I see a lot of them.) Amy’s easily accessible writing makes it a pleasure to read, and even experienced cat guardians will learn something new. Cat Facts makes a wonderful addition to any cat care library.

Cat Facts: The Pet Parent’s A-Z Home Care Encyclopedia is available from Amazon in both print and Kindle versions.

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  1. Thanks so much Ingrid for the wonderful review. I hope the book gives cat parents the info they need to make informed choices for their individual cats.

  2. I read your letter about Convenia: Sacrificing Safety for Convenience.
    I got scared. I am a veterinary surgeoan living in Sweden. I use this antibiotic VERY often in cats, I NEVER had any side-efects, not directly after injection, not much later. Many of these cats live with me as I have a shelter.
    Convenia here is sold by Orion Pharma, may-be it is not exactly the same one.

    • I believe Orion Pharma is either owned by or a subsidiary of Zoetis, so I suspect that it’s the same Convenia that is used here in the US, Gabriele.

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