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The image above caught my eye on Twitter not long ago. It instantly transported me back to childhood vacations in the Bavarian and Austrian Alps. I had to investigate further! I was intrigued to discover that Bavarian Cat Toys contain valerian root, which, according to their website, has a smell cats can’t resist.

Valerian is said to evoke a euphoric, playful feeling similar to catnip. The toys also contain other Bavarian-grown ingredients including lavender, anise, organic spelt, and (in some cases) catnip. The ingredients are lab-certified to be of pharmaceutical grade, which is the highest grade possible. The toys do not contain any fillers such as poly fibers or plastic to cushion the toys; Bavarian Cat Toys uses spelt for this purpose. The spelt also serves to continually regenerate the valerian, which ensures long-lasting appeal.

I liked everything I heard about these toys, and my two little product testers were excited to put them to the test.


Let me tell you, the smell of these toys is potent! They arrived in a thick priority mail box. I set the box on the kitchen counter, intending to eventually put it in a closet until I was ready to let the girls review them. I went back to my office to get some work done. A few minutes later, I heard something falling in the kitchen. Sure enough, the girls had knocked the box off the counter. I decided that it would be cruel to not let them investigate further, and opened the box.

The girls both went nuts. They like catnip toys, but I’ve never seen them react to a catnip toy like they did to these toys.

We got the large Annabella pillow, the small Patchwork pillow, and the Welli Sticks. As you can see in the video below, the Welli Sticks were a big hit with Ruby.

Allegra was partial to the pillows. By the time she got done properly rubbing her face against both pillows, they were soaked in drool!

I love everything about these toys. They offer an alternative to catnip toys to keep things interesting for cats, they’re made in Germany from German ingredients, and they’re so pretty!

For more information about Bavarian Cat Toys, please visit their website. You can order from the site, or check your local pet store. If they toys aren’t available in your local store, ask them to request free samples so you and the store’s manager can try them out!

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