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When it comes to unusual feline lifestyles, Bailey, a three-year-old seal point Siamese, is leading quite the life. Bailey lives on board a 37-foot yacht just outside Rome, Italy, with his human guardians. Bailey has been cruising the Mediterranean since 2011. His adventures were first chronicled on his blog, which was the basis for Bailey Boat Cat: Adventures of a Feline Afloat. Eventually, Bailey hopes to cruise around the world with his two humans.

The book describes Bailey’s life on board, and if you think all a boat cat has to do is lounge around and watch the scenery go by, you would be mistaken. Bailey demonstrates the proper way to trim sails, assists his humans with navigation, and even helps with keeping the boat clean and well-maintained.


Filled with gorgeous photos of the handsome Bailey, the book gives readers a glimpse of what living on a boat is like and explains nautical life from a cat’s point of view.


I thoroughly enjoyed this little treasure of a book. I felt transported into a different world, filled with wide open spaces, a permanent breeze, and magical adventures. And escaping into this world with a special cat like Bailey made the experience even more wonderful.

If you’re not convinced yet, check out the book trailer:


And if you still can’t get enough of Bailey, you can follow his adventures on his blog and his Facebook page.

Bailey Boat Cat is already available for purchase in Australia and the UK. It will release in the US on September 2, and is available for pre-order on Amazon.

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