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Between my own supplements and Allegra’s, my kitchen counter sometimes looks like a vitamin store, so when the folks at AUVON asked me to review their pill organizer, I was happy to do so.


AUVON Weekly Pill Organizer features

This pill organizer is huge – see photo above with Allegra for scale! It measures 10 inches in length. Each individual compartment is about 1.5 inches high, wide and deep. The individual days’ compartments slide out of the tube. The green lids on either end of the tube are easy to open, as are the individual compartments. It is made from BPA free material.


Something I found particularly interesting is that this organizer is waterproof – and while you may not habitually drop a pill organizer in water, humidity does impact certain medications or supplements, and the fact that this one is watertight will keep your pills and supplements dry and potent.


My take on the AUVON Weekly Pill Organizer

I love everything about this organizer. I  really like the feature that lets you take individual day’s containers without having to take the whole organizer – a big plus if you you travel or even just need to take your supplements or pills to the office with you. No need to carry an entire week’s worth of pills. I like that it’s BPA-free. I don’t want to take supplements to make me healthier and then have to worry about contaminating them with BPA leeching from the container I store them in.


The pretty rainbow color adds a splash of color.

But most of all, I love the size of this thing. Even though it’s designed to be a pill organizer, I could see using it to organize all sorts of small items: nails, push pins, small jewelry pieces, arts and craft supplies – the possibilities are endless.

The AUVON Weekly Pill Organizer is available from Amazon.

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  1. this is a nice one. I had to fill up a large one for my mother every week. i needed one that had am, 12 and pm.

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