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Animals Welcome: A Life of Reading, Writing and Rescue by Peg Kehret is a collection of stories of the animals in the author’s life. When Kehret and her husband moved to a log cabin near Mt. Rainier in Washington State, she was looking for a quiet place to write. A lifelong animal lover, she loved the abundance of wildlife in her backyard, and had her property designated as a wildlife sanctuary. Since the stray cats in the area can’t read, her home eventually also became a safe haven for stray cats.

From a mother cat and her kitten rescued after being shot with a pellet gun to a black bear living on her porch, Kehret  shares the joys of rescuing and caring for animals. She also writes about the heartbreak of losing Pete, the shelter-cat who co-authored three of her books. When her husband of 48 years died of a heart attack, Kehret found comfort in opening her home to foster cats.

This book is written from the heart while also providing lots of interesting facts about the animals. It is aimed at young readers ages 10 and up and is a wonderful tool for teaching children about the joys and responsibilities of caring for animals. Each chapter is devoted to one animal.

My favorite chapter was the one titled “Breaking My Own Rule,” in which the author adopts her 13-year-old foster cat Purrlie, the tortie shown with Kehret on the cover. Yes, I loved the chapter because Purrlie is a tortie, but I also loved it because anyone who adopts a 13-year-old cat with multiple health issues is a hero in my book.

The book reads like a conversation with a friend. This lovely memoir of a life of compassion by a quintessential animal lover is a treasure for cat lovers and animal lovers of all ages.

Peg Kehret has always loved to write. As a child she wanted to be a writer or a veterinarian. Now she includes animals in most of her books and, when she isn’t writing, she helps animal rescue groups. Peg’s books have won more than fifty state young reader awards. For more information, please visit

This book was sent to me by the publisher. Receiving the complimentary copy did not influence my review.

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