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oreck dual max air purifier review

I’m a big fan of Oreck vacuum cleaners. I don’t own one, but I seriously covet one. We had one at the veterinary practice I managed. It was used every day, multiple times a day, and it just kept on working. And it worked great, even on tough pet hair.

So when the folks at Oreck contacted me and asked whether I would like to review their newest air purifier, the DualMax™, I was happy to accept, since I already liked the brand. And when they asked whether I would like to do a giveaway of an air purifier for my readers, I was thrilled!

Why would you need an air purifier? From the Oreck website: “Did you know that every time you close your front door, you’re sealing yourself in with airborne dust and allergens? In fact, according to the EPA, the air inside your home may be up to 5 times more polluted than the air outside. And like Mother Nature, you have to move the air to clean the air. Oreck’s new air cleaner, The DualMax™ Air Purifier, has the power of a tower in a compact design to move and clean more air than ever before.”

The Oreck DualMax™ was super-easy to set up. No assembly required – which made me love this unit right away. You literally just take it out of the box and plug it in. Simply turn it on, and you’re on your way to cleaner air.

The unit has three different speeds. At the lowest speed, it’s so quiet you can barely hear it. My refrigerator hums louder than this air purifier. The second and third level of speed are noticeably louder, but not overwhelmingly so. The unit comes with a remote so you can adjust it from across the room.

The unit is recommended for medium rooms up to 200 sqare feet. It’s fairly compact.

One of the best features about this air purifier is the ease of use. There are no filters that need to be replaced.  It features a permanent Truman Cell®. Simply wash with soap and water, rinse clean and let dry. The odor filter is permanent as well (it doesn’t even come out of the unit) and does not require any maintenance. Now that’s my kind of appliance!

I don’t have any allergies to dust, pet hair or any other airborne allergens, so I can’t say that I noticed much of a difference in the quality of the room air for that.  I did notice that things were a little less dusty. What I really noticed, though, and what really impressed me, is the Oreck DualMax™’s high-efficiency odor absorber. I hate lingering cooking odors after I’ve enjoyed my meals, so I knew this was going to be my biggest test of whether I would like this air purifier.

It passed the odor test with flying colors. It would take only a few minutes of running the Oreck DualMax™ on its highest setting, and any remaining odors were gone. Litter box odors tend to not be an issue at our house, but I would expect that it would work equally well for that.

I loved almost everything about this air purifier, with one exception, and that exception is probably a very personal one. I’m super sensitive to smell, and I don’t care for the smell of ozone. Other people love that just after a storm clean smell – and that’s all it smells like. But if it’s a toss up between lingering cooking odors and the ozone smell, I’ll take the ozone smell. And as far as safety is concerned, according to Oreck, the DualMax™ complies with the California Environmental Protection Agency Air Resources Board Certification. To be certified, air cleaners must be tested for electrical safety and ozone emissions, and meet an ozone emission concentration limit of 0.050 parts per million.

How did Allegra and Ruby react to the Oreck DualMax™? Surprisingly, they didn’t react at all. I thought they’d be bothered by the moving air around the unit, or by the more noticeable noise at the higher speeds, but the only thing they found of interest about the air purifier was the box it came in. Additionally, Ruby thought that the Oreck DualMax™ was a welcome new addition to the available vertical space at our house.

***This giveaway closed November 22, 2011***

So, without further ado, here’s how you can enter to win an Oreck DualMax™ of your very own – a $400 value!

  • Visit and leave a comment here telling me one thing you learned about the DualMax air purifier. This entry is mandatory.
  • For a second entry, like Oreck on Facebook, and leave a comment back here stating that you did.
  • For a third entry, follow Oreck on Twitter, and leave a comment back here stating that you did.
  • For a fourth entry, sign up for Oreck’s email list by clicking on “Sign up for Email” in the top navigation bar and entering your email address, and leave a comment back here stating that you did.
  • For a fifth entry, share this giveaway on Facebook or tweet about it and leave the link in a separate comment.

This giveaway is only open to residents of the U.S. contiguous 48 states. Oreck Corporation provided the prize for the giveaway but is not the sponsor of the giveaway. This giveaway ends Tuesday, November 22.

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  1. I’ve had this unit for the past four days and I have to say it is a pleasure to come home to a closed condo and have it smell like a crisp fall day. My allergies have improved already and I know it has to do with this air purifier. I couldn’t be happier than I am with this product.

  2. I would love to have this air purifier. I’m a lover of cats that is allergic to dander. I’m buying a house and plan to rescue a cat and be on allergy meds 24/7. Will have to get an air purifier. Would help with moving costs if I won one! 🙂

    I liked Oreck on Facebook. I signed up for their email updates. I learned from the website that the Dual Max air purifier is ENERGY STAR qualified! An awesome thing that fits my “green” lifestyle and helps cut down on energy costs!

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

  3. Followed on Twitter, liked on FB. I’ve learned from your post that no parts of the cleaner need to be replaced. My allergy burdened asthmatic husband would likely get greater enjoyment from our cat – Lt. Ripley, who loved to pet his beard – with one of these in our house so I hope I win. 🙂 Thanks for the review!

  4. I just shared this link to my wall on Facebook. This would be so awesome to win! Thank you for the opportunity.

  5. The Oreck Dual Max Air Purifier cleans rooms up to 200 sq. ft., uses a Truman Cell (Hepa Filter) and a Helios Shield which is a permanent odor absorber.
    I not only have cats, but I also have parrots in my home. My husband has asthma, so this would be a real blessing for us!

  6. I learned that the Truman Cell in the DualMax Air Filter pulls the particles out of the air like a magnet! Awesome!

  7. Just tweeted about this giveaway:!/MarciaAtlanta.
    I came to this site when looking for a good air purifier bc we are all allergic (especially my son). With pet and child around, this quality air purifier will be the perfect Christmas (also my birthday) gift. 🙂 Crossing my fingers… 😉

  8. I found out that the Oreck Dual Max has
    •Two high-performance fans plus 3 speed settings and is
    •ENERGY STAR® qualified which is very important to us.
    I am a big conservationist and my cat Georgie is 16 and she would love to have fresh air
    from the Oreck Dual Max

    • Holy cow! I wish I could have 16 kitties!! I’m at 3 so far. Once I graduate college, I plan on being a foster mom. Good or bad idea?

  9. Hi there…I forgot to say I signed up for Oreck’s e-mail list.
    Now, I need to open a Twitter account and have an extra entry… 🙂
    I understand the entries end Nov 22nd… but exactly when will the giveaway take place?
    Thanks for offering this giveaway! 😉

  10. Thank you so much for your review! I’ve been researching products like this one due to a major need of one, and after reading your blog it sounds like it is the right option. I followed your instructions to try and win one, liked and shared on fb, left feedback on Oreck, and signed up for their email list. Thank you for your review and the chance to own one!

  11. I learned that it has Two high-performance fans plus 3 speed settings and Contains the Helios Shield®, a permanent odor absorber

  12. Hi! I did everything in your list including sending a tweet to my followers at on 11/14/2011 at 4:16pm EST.

  13. The Oreck Dual Max contains the Helios Shield®, a permanent odor absorber. Something that would make my sensitive nose VERY happy. 🙂

  14. Visited and learned that the DualMax air purifier captures dust, allergens, smoke, pet dander and pollen particles as small as 0.1 micron from the air like a magnet.

  15. I learned that this purifier has The Truman Cell that catches allergens, and The Helios Shield that catches odors from the air. Also a good thing… A remote control 🙂

  16. The one think I learned about the Oreck Dual Max is that Oreck is proud to offer our customers the DualMax™ which has earned the government’s ENERGY STAR label.

    I would love to have one at home 🙂 Cross my fingers

  17. I learned that the Helios shielder is an odor absorber for all the air that flows through it. I could really use this since I have 5 cats.

  18. I learned that you don’t have to replace the filters and it tells you when to wash them! Super great for a new mom!

  19. Tidbits of learning from their website: the difference between a HEPA filter and a Truman Cell (no filters to replace, yay!) and that it is Energy Star rated.

    Signed up for their emails, “liked” the FB page, and am following on Twitter.

    (the dog would really like to win this to help with her Chronic Bronchitis, which she blames on the cats…) 🙂

  20. I would love to win the Oreck DualMax air purifier as my husband and I have two cats and he is allergic to them. He also has allergies. This would help him so much. He is also a smoker which would help me and the cats. The cats are staying but we would love to have an item like this and it isn’t in the budget right now.

    After reading the Oreck website I learned that this air purifier contains the Helios Shield®, a permanent odor absorber and two high-performance fans plus 3 speed settings. It is also Energy Star rated.

    I liked Oreck on Facebook and signed up for e-mails from Oreck on their website.

  21. I learned this air purifier uses Truman Cell technology. Would love to win one as it would help with allergies, etc. because I will never give up my tortie Truffles, or her daughter Minx.

  22. I went to the Oreck website and read all about the DualMax Air Purifier. Among many benefits of this product, I especially liked the ease of use requiring no filters to buy to keep this product running. It’s also very attractive as well as extremely functional. I have 3-cats and am allergic to cats and dogs. I take over-the-counter meds daily which help a little, but I definitely think that the DualMax Air Purifier would be terrific in my apartment.

    Also, I “liked” Oreck on Facebook and as I’m on it daily, will be sure not to miss any upcoming information.

    • Ooops….hit enter by mistake.

      Lastly, I also requested to be added to the Oreck email list.

      Good luck to all!

      Thank you for this opportunity!

  23. I went to the Oreck website and learned about the odor reducing benefit of the DualMax. Also the % of captured allergens 99.97% – my husband has asthma. We really need the DualMax in the bedroom because all 4 cats and 2 dogs insist on sleeping in our room. I ‘liked’ Oreck on FB and Twitter and signed up for their email. What a fun contest!

  24. This looks great. I learned about Truman Cell technology. That was new to me. I like that aspect of it as well as the fact that it is Energy Star rated. With four animals, supposedly non-shedding breeds (not!), and my asthma and chronic bronchitis, I think this would be quite helpful in my house.

    I also signed up for emails on the Oreck website.

  25. Not needing to replace filters is a plus-no need to spend the extra money on filters-there is no such thing as a good cheap air filter.

  26. I visited their site and learned that this unit is ENERGY STAR® certified. What a relief. I don’t want to use anything that will drain my electricity and jack up my electric bill. I also liked them on fb and twitter.

  27. Everybody, please make sure that you leave a comment about what you learned about the DualMax on the Oreck website.

    According to Oreck’s rules, that’s a mandatory entry, all the others (Facebook like, Twitter follow, mailing list) give you additional chances to win. Winner will be determined via a random number generator, but I can only count your entries if you’ve left a comment with the mandatory entry.

    Good luck, everyone!

  28. One of my cats sneezes a lot. The Vet thinks that it’s allergies. I can’t believe that I never even thought of an air purifier until reading this.

    I have signed up for e-mail at

    I have liked them on Facebook and I am following them on Twitter.

    A few things that I learned from your review are that it is easy to use, is very low-maintenance, and there is no assembly required.

  29. This sounds purrfect for the bedroom where we spend a third of our lives anyway. I’m allergic to dust and improved air quality is a factor, now that we have four cats indoors. We’re liking on FB.

  30. As an allergy sufferer (apparently, I’m allergic to EVERYTHING, but especially dust), I’m always looking for good, quiet air purifiers. This one looks awesome, if pricey! (That’s one thing I learned – it’s an expensive machine!) I love that it’s EnergyStar rated. That’s something else I’m always looking for.

    BTW, if you’re looking for the best vacuum out there, I highly recommend the Dyson Animal (not the ball – the other one). Also expensive, but wow, does it get the stuff out of the carpet! I upgraded to that from a lower model Dyson, and the difference was amazing.

  31. I learned that it has a Helios Sheild odor absorber, which would be great since I have a cat that sometimes does not like to use her litterbox!
    I have been thinking about getting a purifier b/c my torti girl, Belle, has chronic sinus problems..always sneezing and has runny eyes..gets worse when the allegins are out..maybe this would help her.
    I “liked” on Facebook and signed up on their mailing list.

  32. signed up for their email under cgittleman at mi dot rr dot com

    Thanks for this great give-away!

    I have always wondered if I am allergic to fur, dust, etc….not bothered during the day but at night…OMG!

  33. I learned “For medium rooms up to 200 sq. ft.” I could really use this in the bedroom. For some reason EVERY morning I wake up w/a stuffy nose.

    When I clicked on the link it didn’t take me directly to the product I had to click on Air Purifiers to get there 🙂

  34. I need this……help, my husband wants my cats GONE! This would be on my side….please, I have my 6 cats in the basement cat run and one upstairs. I don’t want to choose who goes.

  35. I learned that there are no filters to be replaced – which is something I definitely like as it makes the overall cost more economical & is more environmentally friendly too! Beyond that the unit helps to cut down on dust, as well as odors, both of which are good things in my book.

    I’ve also liked Oreck on Facebook. As well as on Twitter – even though I don’t do twitter. And I’m adding my name to their email list – though I will say I’ll be throwing them into my spam filter – because you know they’ll be sending me their advertising…But hey if I do win a unit out of this it’s all good!

  36. And I followed them on Twitter. I swear to God, I would NOT jump through all these hoops if I didn’t want this thing! 🙂

  37. Well, Ingrid, I desperately need an air purifier! I live in a basement apartment–my carpet smells musty and kitty odors linger (and travel up the stairs to the landing of the next apartment–and I’m well and truly sick of it. Right now, alas, an air purifier is not in my budget, so if I win this I’ll be truly delighted!

    What did I learn about the Oreck DualMax? The Helios Shield absorbs odors and works in combination with the Truman Cell to purify the air, and neither of these items need to be replaced. I love the environmentally friendly aspect of the product.

    • The one thing I learned about the DualMax air purifier is that it is Energy Star Certified.
      Love it has lots of great features. I hope I win! 🙂
      Thanks for another good tip.

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