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T. J. Banks is one of my favorite cat writers. Abys Among Us & Other Stories for the Feline-Inclined is a collection of stories about some of the many cats who have graced her life with their presence..

Banks says she writes about her cats because “I don’t want to forget them and the great gifts they gave me.” Like many of us, cats have enriched her life in ways she never could have imagined. “Thank you for the magic and goofiness you’ve brought into my life,” she writes in the book’s introduction, “and for finding me and giving me those much-needed nudges when I was lost.”

This accomplished writer clearly knows and understands cats, and her appreciation of and love for each individual cat shines through in her sensitive and beautiful prose.  By sharing her stories about these cats, the author makes us feel that we actually knew them, and she also shows us how truly special all the feline spirits that come and go from our lives are.

And while Banks has a particularly soft spot for Abyssynians, you’ll find plenty of other cats in these pages.

This lovely book is a treasure for any cat lover and makes a wonderful holiday gift.

Abys Among Us is available from Amazon.

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