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Cats, a tropical setting, mouth-watering food (with some recipes included), and did I mention cats? Lucy Burdette’s Key West Food Critic mystery series has all the right ingredients for a great read.

In this ninth installment in the series, A Deadly Feast, food critic Haley Snow is finishing up one last assignment before Thanksgiving and her wedding to police offer Nathan Bransford, a report about a food tasting tour. When one of the women on the tour collpases and dies, the woman who owns the tour company who is also a friend of Haley’s, asks her to investigate.

From the publisher:

The sweet potatoes and stuffing will have to wait when Hayley picks up a distraught phone call from her friend, Analise Smith. On the last stop of a seafood tasting tour run by Analise, one of the customers collapsed—dead. With the police on the verge of shutting down the tour—and ruining Analise’s business—Hayley can hardly refuse her friend’s entreaties to investigate.

As if wedding jitters and family strife weren’t enough for Hayley to worry about, there’s crusty pastry chef Martha Hubbard, whose key lime pie may have been the murder weapon—but did she poison her own pie or was she framed? As the hours to Turkey Day tick away, the pressure cooker is on for Hayley to serve up the culprit on a silver platter in A Deadly Feast, national bestselling author Lucy Burdette’s taste-tempting ninth Key West Food Critic mystery.

My favorite part of this series are the detailed and vivid descriptions of Key West and its inhabitants.I still have fond memories of my one visit in the 1980’s, and this series always takes me back to that simpler time. Haley’s cats Evinrude and Sparky are not central to the mystery, but they make occasional appearances.

Haley is an immensely likeable protagonist, supported by a cast of quirky secondary characters. The setting, the cats, and the guilt-free pleasure of reading about amazing food make this one of my favorite mystery series.

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