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I purchased this water bowl late last year, when Ruby was so sick and I was trying to figure out how to get her to drink easily. She exhibited some very odd drinking behaviors as her kidney disease got worse, and I tried anything and everything I could think of, including this bowl. Sadly, it didn’t work for her. However, Allegra really likes this bowl, and I like what it’s doing for her.

Allegra tends to drink really fast, and occasionally, she’ll urp some of the water she drinks right back up. No big deal when she does it in the kitchen. Not so much fun when it happens on carpet or on my bed! Ever since we’ve had this elevated bowl, that hasn’t been a problem anymore.


I also really like being able to easily see how much water she drinks every day. I have always kept track of water intake and litter box output, but without measuring. After Ruby’s illness, I’m even more vigilant, and this bowl makes it so easy. I just make sure I always fill it to the same mark.

The ceramic bowl comes in two sizes – we have the extra tall version – and is microwave and dishwasher-safe. It is available from

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They even offer a limited edition Christmas version!


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7 Comments on Raised Water Bowl with Measurements

  1. I fell off a ladder and broke my hip a couple years ago (don’t try that LOL) and it’s still hard to bend down to clean the litter box. At present I”m pulling up a chair so I can sit and do it.

    I’m posting that tidbit because I’m wondering for those with bending problems if there is such a thing as a built up litter box with a ramp? If so, would your average cat (assuming there is such a feline) walk the ramp to get to the box?

    High bowls work out per this article and my cat likes his high bowls. I do wonder if the same principle would apply to the litter box so if anyone has an opinion or knows of such a contraption . . .

    • I don’t know of any raised litter boxes, Betty, and I would worry that cats wouldn’t use them if they did exist, but there are litter scoops with long handles so you don’t have to bend down to scoop:

  2. This would have been perfect when we had Pono. One of his health problems was allergies and when his sinuses were full, I could tell he had trouble breathing with his head down in the bowl.

  3. I wish I knew about this when my poor boy Sammy was diagnosed with kidney failure. This is perfect for monitoring kitty’s water intake. A multi-cat household makes it more difficult to know how much water one cat drinks – it also helps cats who need water to be higher off the ground. Ordering two!

  4. I bought 3 last year. One is slanted for the dry food and two regular food bowls. I still use large stainless bowls for their water.

  5. I’m ordering a couple of these bowls. I love the measurement lines! I have always lifted the food & waterbowl but with a upside down box. Since this bowl is already lifted I can get rid of the unsightly The 2 sizes are great too! I’m looking forward to my kitties trying these! =^..^=

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