Losing a beloved cat is devastating, no matter what the circumstances. Grief is a very individual experience, and no two cat guardians will grieve in exactly the same way. Finding ways to remember the lost cat in ways that are meaningful to each person can be an important part of the healing process.

Jennifer Muldowney, the owner and creative force behind Rainbow Bridge Memorials, helps pet parents heal after loss by creating unique pieces of jewelry that contain a small portion of the pet’s ashes. These gorgeous pieces allow you to keep a lost pet close to your heart by wearing them as a necklace, keeping them by your bedside, or displaying them in a keepsake box.

How it works

Using just a small piece of your pet’s cremated remains, a beautiful unique piece of glass jewelry can be created just for you. The ashes are fused into a ball or bauble shaped glass piece. The ashes will appear almost cloudlike. Each piece is completely unique.

Remains of two or more animals can also be infused into a piece.

The pieces can be created with clear glass, or with color. Available colors are red, blue and green, but if you’d like a different color, they will do their best to accommodate special requests.

How Rainbow Bridge Memorials Started

Jennifer started her company when she lost Roxy, a Westie who was her best friend in the world. She was devastated after her loss. She didn’t understand her own emotions, and felt that the people around her didn’t know what to say. When a friend told her about the story of the Rainbow Bridge, she found it very comforting, and it stayed with her. She decided to name her company after the story in hopes that her creations will help other pet parents find some form of peace.


Keepsakes for pet parents

In addition to fused glass cremation jewelry, Jennifer also offers other keepsakes for grieving pet parents, including lockets, charms and a paw print bracelet.



For more about Rainbow Bridge Memorials, to see all of the gorgeous pieces and to order your own, please visit Jennifer’s website.

12 Comments on Rainbow Bridge Memorials: Beautiful Jewelry to Remember Lost Loved Ones

  1. these are marvelous. Wish they existed when Bobo passed in 2007. Sadly, there are just too many sick cats and dogs around the Blogosphere lately. It’s all so sad.

  2. great idea, Ingrid as I get all of my cats cremated when they cross RB. . . per my Mom’s idea & request, they will all be buried with me when I cross. . . I really like the necklaces, but a bit too pricey for me. . . ♥♥♥

    • I have the same request in my will, Diane: when I go, I want all the ashes of all the cats who have gone before mingled with mine.

  3. This is a wonderful idea. When I lost my Nani, I wanted to have one of those gem stones made from her ashes. But it was just too expensive. While the glass art is still kind of expensive, it will be a lot more obtainable for most people. I ended up finding a crystal heart on Etsy that had the image of a Devon Rex carved into it after Nani passed. I got it as my memorial to her. The etched cat was sitting in the position she used to always sit too. So, it was perfect.

  4. Thank you for sharing, Ingrid. I am always looking for ways to remember my baby Jewel. I will check this company out.

  5. Beautiful – thank you for sharing. It’s so important to have special ways to remember our beloved ones.

  6. What a wonderful and original way to commemorate an animal. I wish Jennifer every success in her enterprise, I’m sure she will have many “takers” for it. Long may she flourish – having something like this does help enormously

  7. What a beautiful and original idea. We all have our own ways of coming to terms – may Jennifer have much success in her enterprise, I’m sure she will

  8. Excellent pet memorabilia.We all pet owners do feel the loss of our pets and my 22 year old pet Alexandrine parakeet “Mittoo” is alive in my house as a taxidermy specimen in a glass showcase.If you have a large house then you could also get a taxidermy done on your dead pet cat otherwise a memorabilia through preserving a part of the ahes is the best way of remembrance.

    • Remembrances are such an individual thing, and there are so many different options. While taxidermy wouldn’t be my choice, I think it’s wonderful that it brings you comfort to remember Mitto in that way, Rudolph.

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