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Rad Cat is recalling several of its formulas for possible contamination with Listeria and Salmonella. The following products are being recalled:

Grass-Fed Beef (8oz, 16oz, 24oz, Samples) Lot 62384, Best By Date 2/6/17
Grass-Fed Beef (8oz, 16oz, 24oz, Samples) Lot 62361, Best By Date 1/8/17
Free-Range Chicken (8oz, 16oz, 24oz, Samples) Lot 62416, Best By Date 3/14/17
Free-Range Turkey (8oz, 16oz, 24oz) Lot 62372, Best By Date 1/21/17

Lot numbers and best by dates are on the lids of all of the tubs, and the bottom of the sample cups.

Please visit for more information about the recall, and a comprehensive FAQ.

7 Comments on Rad Cat Diet Voluntary Recall

  1. If I had any turkey tubs with the recalled date, they already were consumed and my cats didn’t get sick. My cats eat 10 24-ounce turkey tubs a month.

  2. IMO Rad Cat is being unethical with this recall. Their website has the recall notice at the very bottom of the page so it’s easy to miss. On their Facebook page, someone posted about this and asked them to move the notice up to to the top of the page; they responded and said they don’t know how (!). I then posted and asked them to move it up, too. I posted this twice, and they deleted my posts and their own post about not knowing how to do it! And they BLOCKED ME from making any further comments.

    I looked around on their Facebook then and I notice ONLY POSITIVE COMMENTS are showing, Not a single negative one. So they are deleting any negative posts! What if people are posting that their kitties are sick or died? Or if different batches are involved? If someone posts a problem they delete it and block you??? This is NOT being transparent with their recall or with their products in general. This is too much of a cover up for me and now I don’t trust them any longer.

    • I believe that Radcat is being completely transparent about their recall. They have a prominent notice on their website, along with a comprehensive FAQ, and information on what to do if you purchased any of the affected lots. I can’t speak to what happened on their Facebook page, and this website is not the place to discuss this. If you have an issue with Radcat, please contact them directly.

      • The recall notice is prominently displayed TODAY, but for the first 4 days of the recall it was a tiny link at the bottom of their page. So I’m glad I pressed them for TRANSPARENCY so anyone visiting their page is aware of the recall. I hope we can all work together to keep the pet food manufacturers transparent in all their dealings so we don’t have another 2007 on our hands ever again.

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