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It’s always a thrill to see your book reviewed in a national magazine, especially when the review is as wonderful as the one Purrs of Wisdom received from Sally Rosenthal, who reviews books for Best Friends Magazine. Best Friends Magazine is published by Best Friends Animal Society, one of the largest animal sanctuaries in the world. Their Angel Canyon sanctuary in Kanab, Utah, houses more than 1,700 animals at any given time.

The fact that my book’s review was featured on the same page as A Street Cat Named Bob by James Bowen only added to my delight.


Since it’s a little hard to read the text on the image above, here’s the full review:

“One of the loveliest memoirs about the ways cats can change one’s life for the better is Ingrid King’s Buckley’s Story, which stayed with me long after I reviewed it a few years ago. So, I was more than pleased to receive a copy of Purrs of Wisdom, King’s latest cat centered work.

Readers familiar with the author’s blog, The Conscious Cat, will find, in Purrs of Wisdom, many of the same themes about finding balance in one’s life, living mindfully, and discovering reasons to be grateful for the small but essential gifts in daily life, from an early morning cup of coffee to a sleeping cat nearby.

Although books featuring advice from cats abound, many of them are humorous and fanciful. The short essays that comprise Purrs of Wisdom, however, shine with integrity, thoughtfulness, and grace.”

This is the kind of review that makes an author’s heart sing.

Conscious Cat Sunday will return next week.

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  1. Ingrid, this is fabulous! I’ve had the pleasure of reading Purrs of Wisdom and I completely agree with everything Sally Rosenthal said!

  2. Wow, Ingrid…how wonderful. We can see how that would make your heart sing! SO happy for you.

  3. That review is just terrific. That Best Friends Sanctuary is such a great place and good for you to get interview in their magazine. Very exciting. Take care.

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