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Comfort Zone with Feliway diffuser and spray

If you’ve ever had a cat with behavior problems, whether it’s territorial aggression, urinary marking, or simply a stressful trip to the vet’s, you may have been told to try Comfort Zone with Feliway® to help your kitty calm down.

Comfort Zone with Feliway® is a synthetic copy of the feline facial pheromone, used by cats to mark their territory as safe and secure. By mimicking the cat’s natural facial pheromones, Feliway® creates a state of familiarity and security in the cat’s local environment. As a result, Feliway® can be used to help comfort and reassure cats while they cope with a challenging situation and help prevent or reduce the stress caused by a change in their environment.

The product comes as a diffuser and as a spray. I’ve used both for many years. When the product first came out, I managed a veterinary hospital, and we used the spray on the inside of cages to help make a hospital stay a little bit less stressful for cats. I’ve used the diffusers each time I introduced a new cat to my home. All of my introductions have gone off without any major problems. Was it the Comfort Zone with Feliway®, or was I just lucky? I guess I have no way of knowing for sure, but I liked having the extra assurance that I was doing something to help keep things calm.

I recommend Comfort Zone with Feliway® to my clients and readers as a first line of defense for behavioral problems, and I’ve received mostly positive feedback. Since most of my clients use other modalities at the same time, I can’t say for sure whether the Comfort Zone with Feliway® itself did the trick, but I believe that it definitely helped. According to research conducted by Ceva, the maker of Feliway®, 86% of cats respond to Feliway®.

My most dramatic experience with the product happened while I was still running the animal hospital. One of our office cats, a brown tabby with the uninspired name of Mr. Kitty, was not the most friendly cat – at least, not to me. He was grumpy, and he would bat and swat at me if I tried to do anything he didn’t like, such as pulling out papers I needed from underneath him while he had parked himself on my desk, or sitting on top of the copier when I needed to run off a copy. While it was kind of funny when he first started doing it, it was getting old very quickly. At that time, the diffuser version of the product had just come on the market, so I decided to give it a try to see if it would improve his disposition (and make my life easier!). Almost overnight, Mr. Kitty turned from Mr. Grumpy into Mr. Friendly – it was quite the transformation. Ever since then, I’ve been convinced that this product works.

One lucky reader will get a chance to win one Comfort Zone with Feliway® diffuser (retail value: $44.95). To enter the giveaway, let me know in a comment why you’d like to win the diffuser. Share this giveaway on Facebook or Twitter and leave the link in a separate comment for an additional chance to win. This giveaway ends Thursday, September 29.

I’m also delighted to be able to offer an exclusive $10 off coupon for Conscious Cat readers only, good toward any purchase of a Comfort Zone with Feliway® product. To redeem the coupon, click here.

For more information about Comfort Zone with Feliway®, please visit their website.

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  1. I have an 18 year old girl cat. i adopted 2 ten year old boy cats. The boys keep beating up the old girl cat and I just don’t know what to do. All she wants is to be left alone. I feel so bad for her. They won’t even let her sleep in peace. She never feels safe when they are around.

  2. I have two newly adopted cats and one resident. The two newbies are still acclimating. The diffuser would be great when the time comes for introductions.

  3. With the help of the Feliway diffuser, I have successfully integrated a rescue kitty, billed as “Feral” on Petfinder, into my family of four. Gave my last coupon to a friend whose cat had behaviour issues. Would love to win more Feliway, to send home with a different rescue kitty I want to place in a new home. Feliway rules!

  4. O’I so can use some feliway. A bit out of the budget right now. I moved, and have some issues going on in the house. I have a 16yo, 14yo, and 2-16mo. Can get a bit crazy, and would feel Feliway would help. Use to use it ages ago, when only can get through a vet.

    Thank you

  5. My cat is extremely anxious and timid. Visits to the vets are traumatic, her heart races, she gets very hot & visibly shakes. When we have visitors she’ll hide in a room upstairs and doesn’t move until the visitor has gone. Although we give her free and open access to anywhere in or out of the house, she has yet to step foot outside. We had considered getting another cat, as a companion but the vet advised against this and suggested investing in Feliway instead to calm her nerves.

  6. You introduced me to Feliway and it helped get me through a very difficult period. When we moved, I used it again and it made the move quite easy. As you know Miss. P aka cranky pants can get set off sometimes. I always have it in the house. My darling little boy is curled up next to me as I am typing away.

  7. My four year old kitty boy will be staying with my parents (his Grammy and Pops) soon while my husband and I go on our honeymoon. I think this would help keep him calm and happy. It could also be useful for helping him adjust to his new home when I move in with my fiance.

  8. I would love to win this for my cat who has bad separation anxiety. My fiancee and I are getting married out of state so we have to leave her at home with a friend for a week. We’ve both left at the same time only once before and it was pretty traumatic for her, she wouldn’t eat for the first few days and wouldn’t do much except sleep.

  9. We use a Feliway diffuser all the time at our habitat. There are 17 kittehs and it helps keep the peace 🙂 We could sure use another one, I am sure.

  10. I love these things! They really are essential in a multi-cat household. I would love to have a new one to replace one of mine, and then I would move the older one to my mini-barn which I built to help out all the barn cats that seem to be everywhere. It gives them shelter and safety, but I notice things get a little tense out there sometimes.

  11. I have one cat male, 3 years, that has decided within the past year to pick on one of the girls, 4 years. These cats have been in my home since birth, they are both fixed and declawed, they and all the rest had always gotten along before this. I’m hoping the Feliway system would calm down his aggression and make her less fearful and stressed.

  12. I recently rescued a stray (& pregnant) kitty who is the first thing — animal or human — that my former lovebug of a 5 year old cat detests. I’m on a super tight budget at the moment so I can’t afford to buy Feliway but would love to have the chance to win it in the hopes that these 2 felines will start to live together peaceable.

  13. I have 5 cats and 2 dogs, the last cat I brought in is the oldest and she does not get along with the other 4, also some of the cats are upset about the dogs, they seem stressed out and I think this might help them.

  14. I have an polder cat that hates the two teenagers that suddenly moved in, I wonder if this would help? Mind you, He’s not a mean cat or even always grumpy so I fugured that they would get along after a while…

  15. We are big fans of Feliway and found it helpful introducing to new cats to our old boy Merlin. Now that there have been new stresses with rambunctious Odin, it’s time for this mood mellower again.

  16. There are two main reasons I’d like to try Comfort Zone. The first is recently we lost one of our 9 babies. He and one of our little girls were the initial two cats in the house. It was just the two of them for a long time. Since he passed away she has been very stressed, crying most of the time, and always needing to be held by someone. Hopefully it would reduce her stress and help her to be calmer.

    The other reason is we have two other cats that ordinarily are fine, but just every so often, the one gets a wild hair and just tears into the other one. Fortunately the are both declawed [prior to our adopting them!] so there’s rarely any physical damage, but I hate to see that happen. I think it might possibly be a jealousy issue [whole other story], but this product may help to calm Andy down and alleviate this issue. For both of their sakes I’d love that.

  17. LOVE LOVE LOVE this stuff… and with a herd of my own plus all the various fosters that come thru, I go thru a ton, so any freebies help! 🙂

  18. I have a 15 year old female cat and two younger males who like to pester her. When she gets upset at the boys, the older cat starts marking. I have used Feliway when I initially adopted the youngest cat and it seemed to help settle everyone down and curb both aggression and stress. I think I need to start using the product again to resettle everybody.

  19. With 4 cats in the house and other animals coming in and out as visitors/fosters, with babies and children arriving on special holidays, we can only manage with Feliway.

  20. I check my house everyday to see if Qimby has sprayed anywhere. He is also on meds for it.Vets says its stress but I don’t know why he would be stressed….mmmm….. So anything that would help him not be stressed would be very appreciated.

  21. My 14 year old cat is not thrilled we added a new kitten to the household. We took in the kitten because it was homeless and Lindsey is usually the most friendly and welcoming of cats. So, a diffuser would probably help when these two finally meet face to face — I’m doing the room switches now and it would be nice to have everyone together and getting along instead of switching rooms all the time!

    • I’m having the same problem with introducing a new ‘companion’ to my 15 yr-old cat, Sid. Cyan, 15 months, has been here since the end of June and I’m still switching rooms!! I was having problems leaving Sid alone in the apartment, so I thought a friend would be nice to keep him company so I could do stuff away from home, but it’s WAY harder and complicated now! I’ve (reluctantly) tried to find Cyan another home, with no luck, even the SPCA is unable to take her. Sid is miserable and jumpy, because he’s losing his hearing and she loves to sneak up on him if and when she gets the chance. I’m stressed and sad. Maybe the Feliway will help me!!

  22. I foster kitties for a local rescue group, and I think that this product would help ease their stress when they are put in the adoption cages before finding their forever homes.

  23. One of my cats was just given a tentative diagnosis of FLUTD, a urinary tract disorder that’s thought to be linked to stress. Maybe Comfort Zone will help keep her calm and reduce her flare ups. Thank you.

  24. Have one older cat who can’t get along with the other four. Would love to try the Feliway diffuser to see if it can help bring calm back to my family. Thanks

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