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Wand toys are one of the best ways to get your cat engaged with play and allow them to exercise their natural hunting an prey instinct. I’ve found that few toys are as well thought out and designed as the RompiCatz Critter Collector Series. RompiCatz founder Ellen T. has been creating toys that move and act like real prey for many years. Each toy is extensively tested by Ellen and her team of furry assistants and their many furry volunteers who gladly lend a helping paw.

The Critter Collector Series features life-like bugs designed to glide effortlessly thru the air or crawl or bounce along the floor, mesmerizing cats of all ages.


The toys are hand crafted with built-in safety features.  They’re long lasting and durable, and with so many different attachments available, your cats will never get bored.

Allegra goes nuts for these toys. I absolutely love these toys, and I love the fact that Allegra can’t get enough of them. She gets easily bored with toys, but so far, she gets excited every time I bring them out of the closet.


The Critter Collector Series is available from RompiCatz’ website and from Amazon.

Click here to visit the US RompiCatz Amazon Store

Click here to visit the Canadian RompiCatz Amazon Store


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  1. We had one but it got lost in our move. Maybe Dad will get us a new one?
    PS Your auto fill is wonky. Check the code as it is really annoying

  2. Ohhh she changed the name of the products??? those used to be Cody’s absolute favorites!! Roary loves wand toys, I should get him one!

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